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    Today Pottermore has rolled out a major update. Rather than adding new features, such as chapters from Deathly Hallows (the only book on the site yet to be released) or the long-teased Patronus test, this updates has removed features. These features include the Pottermore Insider blog, commenting features, the ability to upload fan art, and the ability to update your status. According to the new site update page, these features were removed because they were "no longer properly serving the interests of our users" and claims that it had become impossible to monitor comments and drawings and still insure the safety and privacy of all users. These somewhat radical changes, which were done without prior warning, were noted to have been approved…

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    Figured this was the best way to convey this information, since it's too minor to add to the page itself or the news feed. For those of you who don't pay regular attention to the Pottermore Insider or the associated Twitter account, there's been a update on the progress of Chamber of Secrets.

    "Thursday 28 May

    Chamber of Secrets update: This week, we're in the sound studio recording audio for the Chamber of Secrets Moments. We're also working on Chapter Three, The Burrow, and Chapter Seventeen, The Heir of Slytherin."

    It's not much, but hopefully this means CoS will be upon us before we know it, especially since the Insider's showcasing of Pottermore users' artwork is almost at the end of Book 1.


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