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Death Eaters return
Carl Daniel John Scurry
Biographical information

26th May

Blood status


Also known as
  • Scurry
  • Scurrier
Physical information

Human (Wizard)



Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Magical characteristics





15 Inches, Ebony, Phoenix Talon [1]








All good wizards/witches and magical creatures

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"Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus"

Hello, I'm Carl. I've been a fan of The Harry Potter Series since I was dragged to the cinema against my will to see The Philosopher's Stone. Yes that's right, I don't read the books I'm more of a movie person (But I've kind of ruined the last two films by reading to much on this) so I might as well have read the books.

Magical Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Good Duelest: I would like to think I would be a good duelest.
  • Spell Master: I know the effect of any Spell, Charm or Curse on the Spells page.
  • Good Magical Intellect: I have a good bit of knowledge of the magical world and it's contents.

Favourites Edit

A Summary of all my favourite things about the Harry Potter World (Three for each category).

Characters Edit

  1. Severus Snape - A great wizard, just don't like the fact that he agreed to kill Dumbledore, even on his orders.
  2. Rubeus Hagrid - So big yet so kind, his magical rights should be reinstated.
  3. Bellatrix Lestrange - A complete looney, I couldn't think of a better actress to play her.

Magical Creatures Edit

  1. Unicorn - Their just very nice looking creatures.
  2. Dementor - The darkness of them is just what does it for me.
  3. Phoenix - Healing Tears, a great creature to have around the house.

Spells Edit

  1. Everte Statum - I like the way it just throws your opponet flying backwards.
  2. Arania Exumai - I hate spiders, I wouldn't turn down a chance to purge the world of one more.
  3. Aqua Eructo or Aguamenti - If your lost in the wilderness and you only have your wand, a nice drink of water will keep you alive, and it's a good defence.

Magical Objects Edit

  1. Wand - No wand no magic.
  2. Broomstick - Flying is great, especially at high speeds.
  3. Philosopher's Stone - Gold and Eternal Life, what else does a person need?

My Contributions Edit

Summary of my contributions to this Wiki (Not including editing or anything of the sort).

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