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H/Hr: Because the hidden HARMONY is better than the obvious -Herclitus, 6th century BC

About me

Hey! My name is Abby and I've been currently using this wiki for two-three months. Let's see I've been attending Hogwarts for the past year now. I was placed Gryffindor and share my room with 2 half-bloods, 1 muggle-born and a pureblood. Oh yeah, I'm a half-blood but more closer to the muggle world.I carry around a 10 and a half ash with dragon heartstring. It is light (based on my roomates wands) and swishy. Ollivander said it was good with charms. I also want to try out for beater next year for Quidditch. I own a Cleansweep 16 (the latest, I believe(though it's at my home)). Some of my other possesions is a remembrall, high-quality quill, wizard's chess set, omnioculars, two revealers, and a lunascope (even though I won't be needing one in two years). Some of my favorite wizard treats are treacle tart, chocolate frogs, and pumpkin pasties. My familiar is a 3/4 knealzle mixed with 1/4 manx cat. I also play the clarinet (currently for 1 and a half years). My favorite musician is Kirley Duke of The Wierd Sisters. My least favorite is Celestina Warbeck. I guess that's it for now. I need to work on my transfiguration essay. Bye!

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