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About Me

Wise Whim
Fabio Phoeban
Biographical information

September 7th, a sunny Sunday


November 9th at noon (I choose how to live and I'll choose how to die)

Blood status


Also known as
  • Wise Whim
  • Sort of Stupid
  • Fritter Foolishness


Physical information





6'0"; 1,83 m

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Magical characteristics

Eurasian Brown Bear

  • Mirrored image on Monday mornings
  • Dementor on regular days

Hawthorn, 16", Hydra heartstring, surprisingly springy and superb for scratching my backs






Hello, <insert name here>! I'm highly hooked in Harry Potter since I was seven years old!

I'm still a fanatic fan who likes to be fed with facts about the wizardry world.

You might have noticed that I admire assonance and alliteration. It's an annoyingly and adorable way to play with words, isn't it?

You'll usually find me trying to see what I can do in our "Creatures" articles, having tantrums discussing politely when I don't agree with something and learning about editing on Wikia (because this rookie has a lot to learn).

I'm not an English native speaker, that is to say, I have constant caution while writing!

My Contributions

I'm proud of adding my little knowledge to:

The other Side of the Story

This was written in a "Potty Potter" perspective, for your own sake, please, DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!

My name is Fabio Phoebus, a reputed magizoologist that can be found filling that Hogwarts student's heads with some useful information about creatures.

I belong to Gryffindor house, mainly because I'm too lazy to be a Hufflepuff and I wouldn't be sorted into Ravenclaw because I believe that wit beyond measure it's one of the man's treasure, however it's quite far of being the greatest.

I'm obsessed about Brown Bears, it's unclear why but it's most likely because they like to eat as much as I do.

Now, I would like to bring your attention to an utterly urgent matter:

Probably most of the Muggle kids around the globe has been told that wizards, and particularly witches, are always the villains who will try to cast stunning spells on a beautiful princess or poison an apple with a powerful potion...this is a severe misunderstood!! In my little life I've never met such an evil witches (with few exceptions, such as Dolores Umbridge).
This, my fellow wizards, happens due to twisted fairy-tales. That's why, we, S.P.O.O.F (Society for the Promotion of Ogres and Ogress in Fairy-tales) exist!!

So, this organization struggles for the immediate replacement of magician villains with Ogres and Ogress, in fact, that's the way things should have been from start.

There's some of the suggested alternative titles:

  • Ghost White and the Seven Goblins
  • The Sleeping Sorcerer
  • Pygmy Puff in Buckled Boots

I hope that you also support this campaign...

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