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Yes, my name is Weaxzezz. It's pronounced 'wax'cess', and I have my father to thank for it, which I do often and gladly.

I am a devoted HP fan, that is, of the books, not the character. I have extensive knowledge of magical theory, but am more prone to speculation than factual writing. I am fond of clean-ups and rewriting, and will contribute when I can; I am a rather busy person.

I consider myself an open and friendly person, but if I don't like someone I will make it known. I value honesty, respect, aestethics and things that are done properly. Half-heartedness, shabbyness and lack of devotion and willpower are not things I enjoy, but in the end it comes down to if someone respects themselves more than if they respect others. To put it simply I value people who take care of themselves. I am slightly pedantic, a perfectionist if you will, and I do have slight tendencies towards OCD. I am a goth and a nerd, but value style and consider myself a dandizette.

I am currently studying history at the Cathedral School in Lund, Sweden. I hope to become an historian and writer, and explore these two fields with great interest and devotion. I am a big fan of Oscar Wilde, being greatly influenced by his style of writing. In history my favourite fields of study are cultural history, the history of science, art and fashion, but most of them spark my interest (the only thing that really bores me are lengthy recitals of battles and soldiers - I just don't see the relevance!). My other interests include art, ballet, music, Star Trek, LOTR, biology, astronomy, fashion and interior design.

As this is an HP wiki I will explain myself some in HP terms. First of all, I consider myself to be most alike Narcissa Malfoy, in personality, not appearance - I value family, honor, power and aestethics. If I were to play quidditch I would be a beater. My favourite character is Severus Snape, but any death eater will do. I dislike Potter himself, and the Weasleys do little to please me. This is not to say that I don't like the 'good' side; I am quite fond of Dumbledore, for instance.

That's all I have to say for now. Type something in the talk page if you have any questions. Thnx^^

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Memories last longer than lives.

Succubus; I'm in your dreams;)

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