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[[File:Voldemort HBP.JPG|thumb|220px|right|Lord Voldemort]]
==I am Lord Voldemort's true lover!==
==I am Lord Voldemort's true lover!==

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I am Lord Voldemort's true lover!Edit

Lord Voldemort is the most AWESOME VILLAIN OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's such a great leader, so smart, and he never gives up. I think he's elegant because of his beautiful flowing black robes, his formal way of speaking, and his tall, thin, frail body. Nice nails, too. Voldemort has his personal style of villainry and it's most original. I would love to see him sipping red champagne at a Death Eater meeting. His wand additionally reflects his grandeur personality, with it being long and white. Also. when it came to Nagini, I think Voldemort loved her and treated her with unwavering kindness. The Dark Lord has a unique way of holding his wand aside from the other characters. I can't wait for Voldemort to kick ass in the Deathly Hallows!

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