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I am a devout HP fan who has all of the movies(so far) on dvd, and the video game based on the 5th movie/book. I had recently bought the Lego HP Years 1-4 video game on the DS and hope to get it on the X-box or Wii. My knowledge on Harry Potter comes from the movies before the books, yet I find both enjoyable. I still don't get why the first book's name is different here in the U.S. than in England, where the original is. I also think the original name is better; sorcerer makes it sound like a book for younger kids only. Philosopher is a word that could mean anything (I still don't get what they mean by this word, or how it has something to do with sorcerer). I might need to read the original version (if it's any different).

About Me

I am many things that I cannot put here because there are too many of them. Most of all, though, I am a bookworm, even though I do not always have my face in a book all the time, like Hermione did sometimes (now she's not a teenager, if we were going by the books).

My favorite characters are Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Tonks, Cho, the Patil twins, Lavender, Katie, Angelina, and the deceased Lily Potter, not in that order and I probably have more. Those are all the female characters I like, anyway. The male characters I like are Harry, Ron, Neville, Lupin, Sirius, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, Kingsley, Hagrid, Snape,Moody, Lee, Dean, Seamis, the deseased Dumbledore, and the deceased James Potter, not in that order and I probably have more (maybe Draco and definitely Voldemort).

My Life as a Wizard (Witch, actually), at Hogwarts and Anywhere

I am a witch from the U.S. who goes to Hogwarts on a scholarship. I live with my so-called "aunt" (she found me on her doorstep; it's cliche, I know.) My dad is either dead or unable to take care of me and my mom is most likely dead, or trapped somewhere as a spirit, something like that. I'm not an animagus/i but a metamorphmagus/i, like Tonks was and Teddy is now. I can change my appearance (hair,eyes, and the likes) to whatever I want to look like (usually something unusual, like purple hair and purple eyes; I like the colour purple). My usual hair color is dirty blonde and my usual eye colour is blue-gray. My patronus is a rabbit because some rabbits can change color due to the seasons changing and if it's snowy or grassy (maybe that's foxes, they're cool too). My magical skills are in charms,transfiguration,potions,defense against the dark arts,legilimency,occlumency,flying and quidditch,arithmancy,astronomy,care of magical creatures,herbology,and ancient runes.

I (Violet Lee Moonstar) go to Hogwarts for my wizard education instead of the wizarding school in Salem (or any other American wizardry school) because I'm on a scholarship. In my version of the HP universe, sometime after the events in the final book and before the previous Hogwarts student's kids go there, scholarships were sent to 10 year old (before they go to school as first years) American wizards and witches depending on a test they took to see if they were "into" magic still, since many American wizards (and some British wizards) were too into sparkly vampires and shape-shifting werewolves (instead of the werewolves that only change by the full moon). They have completly forgotten everything about magic, even some of their moms have and, most importantly, some of the female professors at the American wizardry schools have gotten "Twi-fever". The men (dads and even some male professors) have forgotten about magic and quidditch (most girl wizards who were into it are still into it) and got into other sports too much. American sports. Football, especially, and not soccer. Thankfully, not EVERY wizard (any age) has forgotten about the right kind of magic and quidditch. Those who pass the test (a survey that asked questionares like what their family did that was magical and muggle-like and how much they knew about magic so far or, most important, if they even cared about magic), were based upon if they cared whole-heartedly about learning about magic or if they didn't know anything about it because of their parents being muggles or acting like muggles and they wanted to learn about it. I'm a muggle-born (as far as I know, I'm adopted and have never met my real parents,though I know my real mom was killed by someone with magic). I passed the survey and got a scholarship to Hogwarts because I was excited to learn magic at a better school that didn't forget certain magical lessons and had enough professors, unlike most American schools for wizards. I have been going here for four years.

Gryffindor Student (Brave)

As a Gryffindor student, I am brave because I hold back any negative thoughts when doing something risky and that I always speak my mind.

Ravenclaw Student (Smart)

As a Ravenclaw student, I am smart because I am well-read and I know what to do (sometimes) in difficult situations.

Hufflepuff Student (Kind)

As a Hufflepuff student, I am

Slytherin Student (Clever)

As a Slytherin student, I am clever because I can easily get around any obstacle standing in my way, mostly people who are trying to get something out of me/friends.

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