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The Unspeakable
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August 30th 1994

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Holly, Phoenix feather, 11 in.




About me in the real life

My name is Vladi Nekolov and I'm from Bulgaria. I love reading books, composing music and watching movies. And of course I LOVE HARRY POTTER. I LOVE THE BOOKS THE MOVIES AND THE GAMES. I want to become a composer but I have pretty much time to do it. I am also the biggest fan of Severus Snape you will ever see. e. I am also a fan of House MD and I`m an editor in the House MD wiki but Harry Potter is my passion. So if you has a question about that or anything please feel free to leave a massage on my talk page and I`ll respond it as soon as I can.(English is not my maternal language so if there are a grave faults with my english please fix them).

Who am I in the fictional world

After Hogwarts I was counted in the trainee program for future unspeakables ( workers for the department of mysteries ). Sorry but I can not tell you nothing about my work there. It is more then TOP SECRET :).Before several years my friend just asked me what I am actually doing there and immediately a group of obliviators from the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes appears. Long had to explain that in fact I did not say anything. But I can tel you it is not so interesting. At the moment after so many years I am a head of The Department of Mysteries. I can tell you it`s very hard to work 9 levels underground. But enough for my work. Soon I`ll tell you something more about my wizarding life

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