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Hey, I'm Camryn, but you can call me Cam. I love to read the Harry Potter books. I have read each one, and am working on reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My favorite music is emo and rock. My favorite color combo is black and pink. I love to write short stories, and I hope to be an author someday. Another life goal of mine is to be in Congress and be a representative.

Fictional Character Bio

Cam is a Death Eater. She was initated in 2004. She works for the Ministry of Magic, and is one of Kingsley Shacklebolt's assistants. She tries desperately to hide her Death Eater status from her co-workers. She did attend Hogwarts, and was in Slytherin house.

Biographical information

November 18th


Still kickin'!

Blood status


Also known as



Death Eater

Physical information






Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

parents, sisters and brothers, and nephews

Magical characteristics





11 3/4 elm, unicorn hair




Death Eater




her family, Death Eaters, and Ministry of Magic


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