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  • I live in i dont even know at this point
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is crying basically
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{{User Spellfreak}}
{{User Spellfreak}}
{{User browser:Firefox}}
{{User British}}
{{User British}}
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{{User HP3 movie}}
{{User HP3 movie}}
{{User slytherin}}
{{User ravenclaw}}
{{User Slytherin Prefect 2}}
{{User Ravenclaw Pottermore}}
{{User SlytherinQT}}
{{User Slytherin Seeker}}
{{User 1st Year}}
{{User 1st Year}}
{{User death2}}
{{User death2}}
{{User Draco}}
{{User Bella}}
{{User Bella}}
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{{User muggle-born2}}
{{User muggle-born2}}
{{User Love2|Draco Malfoy}}
{{User ghosts}}
{{User ghosts}}

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