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About me

My name is Craig. I'm 27, from Massachusetts, went to college in Florida, now working in the New York area.

My girlfriend-at-the-time got me into Harry Potter when the fifth movie came out (same summer as the seventh book which I got her for her birthday). She showed me the first four DVDs, then we saw the fifth in the theater, then I read all of the books. I'm proud of myself because I think it was smart of me to wait so long, because I was able to read all seven books back-to-back without any waiting in between. Now, two years later, I've purchased my own copies and am re-reading them.

While I quite enjoy the Harry Potter franchise, my heart truly resides in Middle-earth. The LOTR trilogy is my favorite movie (or movies, depending on whether you count them as one or three) and all of Tolkien's works are my favorite books, not just LOTR, but The Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and others.

If I may make an analogy:

The Harry Potter franchise is like a big juicy bacon-cheddar burger, with an ice-cold Coke, and crispy seasoned fries with ranch for dipping. It's quite enjoyable and satisfying. Tolkien's works are more like a filet mignon cooked medium, with gourmet garlic-sour-cream mashed potatoes, a bottle of expensive wine, soup, salad, gourmet bread, and for dessert one of those chocolate cakes that's super-rich and velvety with more calories than the rest of the meal combined; and you're driven there in a limo and stay in a luxurious hotel suite afterwards.

If I may make another analogy:

How I feel about Harry Potter is similar to how I feel about Star Trek. I find Star Trek to be quite fun, enjoyable, and interesting; but in terms of depth, imagination, and storyline, it's vastly inferior to Star Wars, my other love (in addition to Middle-earth, my heart also resides, to a lesser extent, in a galaxy far far away). Similarly, in terms of the aforementioned things, Harry Potter is clearly inferior to Tolkien, but still good. Narnia is alright, but don't even get me started on that total rip-off known as Eragon.

I'd absolutely love to have friendly, intellectual, detailed discussions with anyone here on any of the above topics, and I'll help with articles where I can. Truthfully, I love being part of nerd culture. I've never been to any conventions, but I'd love to someday. My aforementioned ex was supposed to take me, but those plans ended when I moved away. Now in the New York area, I really have no local friends just yet, apart from co-workers.

COMING SOON: I've had some ideas floating around in my head for Harry-Potter-themed Chuck Norris jokes, and also a conversation between Gandalf and Dumbledore.


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