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This is just an idea, but having some kind of general outline for what should go into a article on a spell, so it can be as explanatory as it possibly can be. Not all of these questions can really be awnsered, so try to just write what we know, or what we have found out.

Name of Spell

  • This one is fairly obvious, since it just the title of the article, although if a spell has more than one spelling, use the most commonly used one, or the spelling used in the books, and then redirect all other spellings to that article.

Basic Description

  • What determines this as a spell? Is it also a "charm"? (Could someone differentiate between a spell and a charm, please, maybe, in an article?)
  • What does it do? Is it a very specific spell, or does it have other effects?
  • Does it require any other elements to be cast, or can only be cast on certain objects (example: Occulo reparum)?
  • Can it be cast nonverbally, or without a wand (example: in the PoA movie, Dumbledore uses Arresto Momentum without a wand)?
  • Does it have any side effects, especially if it is miscast (or cast with a broken wand...)?
  • What year is the spell usually taught at Hogwarts? Is the spell even taught (some spells are very forbidden!)?
  • What kind of wizarding level (O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. or other) is it?


  • What is the etymology (word history) of the incantation (latin? Greek? other?)?
  • Do we know who originated it (for example, the spells discovered by the Half-Blood Prince)?
  • What is the History of the spell? Have any famous Wizards used it before?

Uses of Spell

  • Who has used the spell?
  • Who has had the spell used on them?
  • If it was never used, who mentioned it?

See also

  • Some spells are related to other spells or to people or objects. This is where you would link to those articles.

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