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Hi Everyone. My name is Toon Ganondorf, or TG or Toon for short. I am currently a rollback'r on Smashwiki, Top Contributor, Admin and Bureaucrat on Robot Wars wiki, and rollback'r on Call of Duty Wiki.

My favourite character has varied over the series, but I settled in the end on Luna. I also liked Neville (Herbology teacher? what a rip off. I was expecting Headmaster) and Kingsley.

I hate Bellatrix. I opened book 7, thinking "Yes! Bellatrix is dead in this book!" but she wasn't killed by Neville, no, not Harry, no, but MRS WEASLEY. Come on J.K. Rowling, let Neville avenge his parents, for god's sake.

I am ripped off that J. K. Rowling used so few Death Eaters in her final battle. Rabastan, Rodolphus, Avery, Mulciber, Crabbe Snr. and Goyle Snr. were all available for use as background villains, but she merely insisted on using the same villains over and over. There is only so much each of the recurring Death Eaters (Rookwood, Yaxley, Travers, Dolohov and Greyback) could take. And Thicknesse, for gods sake, he wasn't even a Death Eater. Why keep bringing him up?

I have a huge respect for the Harry Potter Series. To all who read this page; Draco, Dormiens, Nunquam, Titilliandus

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TG's questions

What I really want to know is if Hermione ever replaced Bellatrix's wand. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to keep it, and I can definately see that Bellatrix would have fought using Hermione's wand during the battle of Hogwarts, which means that they would've been fighting with each others wands. I really hope that Hermione got her wand back. Also, did Harry give Malfoy back the hawthorn wand?

Also, did Flitwick kill Dolohov, did Greyback get killed (both deserve it for what they did to poor old Remus) and what happened to Rabastan Lestrange, Avery, Goyle, Mulciber and Crabbe Snr. in the final battle? So many questions!

If anyone knows how to submit these questions to JK Rowling, please let me know!

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