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"A story of destiny; a story of love; a story of war; a story of courage; a story of friendship; a story of death; a story of life. Harry Potter is magical even without the wands"

Old HPWiki editors will remember me as a very active contributor, though I am not seen much on the wiki. Sometimes I miss the times, where I would edit 1000 times a month, but it's simply not possible now - my school takes a lot of my time, and so does other things. But know this: Even though I am not seen here a lot, I am still a pure-blood Harry Potter fan... no, Harry Potter freak! I grew up with the stories, and when no one else was, Harry was - no, is - there for me - it's too big for me to stop being a fan. The Harry Potter fandom is not about who were the first, but who will be the last

My Harry Potter fandom

I started reading HP while I was 4 or 5 years old, and I finished the seventh while I was eleven. I love the books, I love the games, and I love the films. I have always been a great fan, and Harry Potter will be one of my interests forever. I...


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Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch


  1. Evanna Lynch
  2. Helena Bonham Carter
  3. Emma Watson
  4. Rupert Grint
  5. Alan Rickman
  6. Bill Nighy

or something like that... I don't really know...


It is impossible for me to choose a favourite book, because all the books are amazing, independent and none of them could exist without the others


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