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September 18, 2011

A Wizard in Training


Me VS Me

I am really a huge fan of Harry Potter so I might make some pages of My Own. Im 15 yrs old and i started wikia

probably like a Mth. Ago Sooooo.............I'm just here to put the right info For Harry Potter Fans Worldwide

Mostly like to edit spells


mii 2nd Fav Curse


Tumblr lmy14yhyWV1qaq516o1 500

Fav Part of The Movie. Animating Suits of Armour. Transfiguration is mii fAV subject!! =)) <3

s, Etc.

Thelegendprince 23:08, November 12, 2011 (UTC)Tumblr lgve44WW8M1qzcmp3o1 r1 500
Tumblr lp51kkzUYV1qa82jq

Mii Fav Cusre

Tumblr lqwlwvueWE1qzhfdno1 500

Voldemort hitting Harry with Killing Curse in the Forbidden Forest

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