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Delayne Lestrange (née Ghost)


Biographical information


Blood status


Also known as


Physical information


Hair colour


Eye colour


Family information
Family members
  • Etta Ghost (mother) †
  • David Ghost (father)
  • Toni Ghost (sister)
  • Deetta Ghost (sister)
  • Wilmer Kills Warrior Sr (maternal grandfather) †
  • Bernadine Elk Boy (maternal grandmother)
  • Henry Ghost (paternal grandfather) †
  • Margret Red Elk (paternal grandmother)
  • Donald Kills Warrior Jr (cousin) †
  • Wilmer Kills Warrior Jr (uncle) †
  • Thomas Kills Warrior (uncle) †
  • Judith Kills Warrior (auntie)
  • Ronald Kills Warrior (uncle)
  • Donald Kills Warrior Sr (auntie) †
  • Cameron Kills Warrior (uncle)
  • Catherin Kills Warrior (auntie) †
  • Lestrange family (in-laws)
  • Ghost family (paternal relatives)
Magical characteristics
"...There is no such thing as good and evil...only power and those too weak to seek it."
—Lord Voldemort

Delaynez Domination

Delayne Lestrange (née Ghost) June 1993- also known as Dell, is a pure-blood Oglala Lakota, who is a freshy at Flandreau High School. He is Semi-Goth, Bisexual, bipolar, and frickin awesome! His inner circle contains Alex Jeffries, Campbell Jefferson, Kimberly White Bird, Christopher Benallie, Megan Patneaud, and Crystal Black Owl.

Physical Appearance

Delayne Lestrange would be described as an averaged sized teen with short, thick shining black hair. He had taunting lips, dark heavy eye-lids, tan brownish skin with a strong jaw. He is 16, stands 5'8, and weighs 145. He had the classic "good looks" that all Kills Warrior's have, however he is scarred with acne and has a slightly gaunt face. He also has an arrogant for bearing common traits for members of the Kills Warrior Family.

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