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  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female, Half-blood

Why HELLO there!

৳Ĥ€ Þõťṭ€ŕĦō₰ǐ¢ ♥

I see you are on my page! How nice of you! 
           Unless you are stalking me, if so stop stalking me >_<	

Now we are of that topic, lets get down to business - that sounds REALLY boring! - I suppose I am supposed to write about myself here... Lets see.... One thing I MUST mention;

I'M THE BIGGEST HARRY POTTER FAN IN THE WORLD! Don't question it. A message too all you Twilight Fans Twitards Vampires don't sparkle, faries do. Deal with it. xD

Biographical information

June 6th

Blood status


Also known as

•Romione 'Heart' Luvaa & Potterholic Gleek(Previously on

•PrimusLune x ( (NOT to be mixed up with PrimusLune, that kid stole my name!)

•Luna-Thestral Weasley (Potteracademy)

Physical information





5FT 8in

Hair colour


Eye colour

Light Brown

Family information
Family members

Harry Potter

•Bill Weasley

•Charlie Weasley

•Percy Weasley

•Fred Weasley †

•George Weasley

•Ron Weasley

•Ginny Weasley

•Hermione Granger

•Luna Lovegood

•Draco Malfoy

•Rose Weasley (Possibly Granger)

•Hugo Weasley (Possibly Granger)

•James Potter I

•Lily Potter I

•Lily Potter II

•James Potter II

•Albus-Severus Potter

Magical characteristics





Yew, 14½ in, Dragon Heartstring





•Professional Quidditch Player

•Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor


•Gryffindor (Slightly Slytherin)


•Gryffindor House

•Dumbledore's Army


•Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

•Order of the Phoenix

•Weasley Family

Random Stuff About ThisPersonRightHere:

I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter Fan, and the Biggest, might I add :).

I am a HUGE Romione Fan (Ron and Hermione).

I am a Lily/James Fan ;)

I love riddles, so if you know any, message me with them!

WAND: Length: 14½ in Wood:Yew Core:Dragon Heartstring Flexibility:Unbending I MEAN THE ACTUAL FREAKING HARRY POTTER WAND! Jesus, I'm a girl, you sick-minded people!

I am also a small Dramione Fan (Draco and Hermione), well, not really a fan, I just like reading fanfics about them :3

My Favourite Character's are Hermione, Ron and Harry.

After Harry Potter, my next fandom would be GLEE! I LOVE GLEE! Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and...BLANE! KLANE! FINCHEL!

I'm competitive and a bookworm, I'm ambitious and NOT gullible, fiery and strong-willed.. Think I'm in over my head? I don't :D But I am COMPLETELY CRAZY.

I ain't to thick either, although, I would say that xD

Rupert Grint + Tom Felton. FTW.

I'm a Feminist. Deal with it. xD

I pull all-nighters and I LOVE horror films! Works quite well, doesn't it?

I'm a writer! I love reading and writing,

        I'm not that boring though! 

I'm actually just INSANELY awesome heheheh XD

Harry Potter; Don't cry because it's over; smile because of all of the excitement and adventures we had. :') Sounds soppy, doesn't it...

Favourite song: Do it like a Dude-Jessie J, 9 Crimes-Damien Rice Lou Bega-Mambo No.5 That went pretty well, didn't it? Wasn't boring? Oh well >_<

♥♦₰§₪!৳Ĥ€ Þõťṭ€ŕĦō₰ǐ¢¡₪§₰♦♥


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Deathly Hallows 2- Neville Longbottom holding the Gryffindor&#039;s sword
Neville + Sword = OWNED
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