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Autumn Brooke
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March 31st

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Miss. Cole

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Light Blonde

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Forest Green

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Cole Family

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Drugs and Failure


14 1/8 in. Almond






Order of the Pheonix, Hogwarts, Dumbledore Army

About me

Umm.. Hi! WellI haven't really got a lot to say about myself other then that I'm really excited about creating an account on Harry Potter Wiki! I am a little slow at times, but I'm sure I'll pick up on how it goes around here pretty quickly!

I love the Harry Potter books and I got hooked on them about a year ago! All Iknow is Harry Potter is like some sort of addiction with me. :)

Mariana June Lee

I also love cookies, but really why would you care about that? Wow. It's pretty crazy when people put stuff like my favorite color is red. Like really (btw my fav color is red). Who is even going to care? Well I guess if they have the samee favorite color, they think to themselves "Cool, we have the save favorite color." And then that's the end of that.:)

What I think about the Harry Potter Books

They are pretty well known books, the Harry Potter's. They are translated into 30 diffrent launguages.(I'm only guessing. Of course I don't know the real number of lauguages it's translated into!) What I was a little wierd about though was one of the first question's I had about the books. "What happens to a persons wand once they have gone to Azkaban?" Is it snapped? Do they still have them but perhaps the dementors keep them from actually using them? I don't think it ever said anything in the book about it, but I'll look again. In the mean time, I think I hear some Cheez-it's calling my name.


Well I have just recieced information that the wonderful Harry Potter Books are translated into a whooping 67 diffrent speaking tounges! WOW! That takes alot of dedication, I thought. For everyone translating the books. Must take a lot of hard work and sweat every day.. just a bunch of back breaking work. Well, I think to myself, unless they just go to Google Translate...

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