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September 15, 2011
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Me and My Love

Dumbledore This user NOT so PREJUDICED That they would refuse to believe JK. Rowling's word about her own books.Albus Dumbledore is gay.

Personality wise I guess the best way to describe me is I'm really a lot like Hermione, it often stuns me how much so... exept for a few things...

I never had a Harry or Ron.

I could never and can never achive as much as I want, and indeed my brian is capable of, due to a few things

1. The inability to deal with stress due to aspergurs syndrome and several life traumas

2. several leaning disabilitys (the calculating part of math, Spelling, and physicaly writring)

3. ADD (if I got the Idea for SPEW I could never be able to take it far because no matter how much I tried to could not keep my focus on it. I'd have some other idea pop into my head) So... I guess I'd be called a Stunted Hermione?

I also have some personality traits of Luna Lovegood. to a much lesser extent.

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