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Super-Evil Genius
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Not with my horcruxes!

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Holly, 10 inches, Hippogriff Talon








Hogwarts --- possibly Lord Voldemort

Hm...Maybe you should get to know me a little.

Super-Evil Genius just loves talking in Third Person. Super-Evil Genius is currently remaking his profile so he can have everything in third person, so he would appreciate it if everyone would shut up and stop telling him off just because his profile is not COMPLETELY in Third Person. Thank you for respecting Super-Evil Genius's wishes. As the name implies, Super-Evil Genius is in all probability, intelligent. Also, he seems to be somewhat evil, if not pure evil. Thank you. Thank you very much. Hahaha.


OK, being crazy is awesome! 'Specially when you get to shock people and make 'em all crazied out! Yes, Super-Evil Genius made up the word, do you have a problem? Just kidding. He is kind of pacifistic though, so he usually never goes to far with his crazy experiments. Hehe.


OK, Super-Evil Genius have this friend named Attraten (of course that's not his real name, that's merely what Super-Evil Genius and his friend agreed on!), and he is totally awesome. But he's even weirder than Super-Evil Genius himself, which is TOTALLY awesome. And he's the one of the most intelligent and out-of-the-box kind of thinking people Super-Evil Genius has ever met. He's brilliant, and he's ADHD. But fortunately, he has been able to curve his wild streak into his scientific and problematic and physical and mental experiments, all to benefit human existence. But one of the most interesting things about him, and the most confusing, is the fact that he cares absolutely NOTHING for the social system. He's pretty much at the bottom of the social ladder, and he's made fun of mercilessly for his different way of thinking. and Super-Evil Genius thinks that's so unfair. But he doesn't care. He never tries to get back at anyone, because he knows that its not going to benefit anyone. Super-Evil Genius strives to be more like him every day, and Super-Evil Genius believes you should also.

When will you realize I don't care? I'm not going to succumb to what other people want me to do just because they're popular. If they feel need to make fun of me because I choose to do things my way, the right way, then that's their problem. I'm not going to involve myself in their pointless and emotionally upsetting frivolities. ~Attraten on the popularity ladder and his rung upon it.

Favorite characters, books, and movies.

Super-Evil Genius's favorite book is a tie between the Goblet of Fire and the the Half-Blood Prince. The first and second ones were too short for his taste, and the third one was just boring. No Lord Voldemort whatsoever. The seventh was awesome, and so was the fifth, but Super-Evil Genius was drawn to the fourth because of Moody, and also because of the foreign forces at work throughout the plot. The sixth was awesome too, because Ron and Hermione finally start to think about getting together, and Dumbledore dies. Don't get Super-Evil Genius wrong, he hated that he did. But Super-Evil Genius think's he wasn't really a vital character, that Harry needed to be able to cope without him. Super-Evil Genius's favorite character is Lord Voldemort. Yes that is his favorite. Yes, he's pure evil, yadah yadah yadah, but he's still an emotionally disturbed and super-intelligent, power-hungry villain, Super-Evil Genius's favorite kind of character. Super-Evil Genius's favorite movie is without a doubt going to be the Sixth one, whatever they do for the Seventh one, its gonna be Sixth one. Case closed.

No more books!

Honestly, Super-Evil Genius doesn't think there's a lot more that J.K. can add on to the end of the series. However, it would be unbelievably awesome if she decided to chronicle the events in between 1998 and 2017 timespan in the books. All the stuff she merely skipped is unbearable. There's so much that she could've given us so much more, with Harry and Ginny and Hermione and Ron, and personally Super-Evil Genius frickin wants know what happened to Voldemort's soul! Yes, Super-Evil Genius know's its trapped in limbo or whatever, but Super-Evil Genius wants some specifics. Just saying! But Beedle the Bard was pretty good, Super-Evil Genius liked it. He thought Quidditch through the Ages was a little dull, but Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was Fantastic!!! Super-Evil Genius would do anything to meet Newton Artemis Fido Scamander!!! Or just Newt for short.

My HP history.

OK, believe it or not, I didn't even know HP existed 'till i was about eight. I just saw the Prisoner of Azkaban video game at Blockbuster, and nothing else was in stock, so i got that. Of course, i absolutely loved it. I quickly realized what i had been missing out on and checked out the first and second books from the library. Of course, me being eight, I read the second one first, because of its larger print. This confused me for a little while, but I soon finished it, then started and finished the first one also. I sorted through the events in my mind in the correct order. Unfortunately, I got Goblet of Fire before Prisoner of Azkaban and repeated the process. Fortunately, there was no way to repeat the process, because the Half-Blood Prince had yet to come out, so I ripped through Order of the Phoenix's 870 pages in 2 or 3 days. Intelligence aside, im a very fast and avid reader. But when HBP did come out, my father would not let me read it because of my tender age. When I reported my predicament to my best friend, Blake, he graciously stopped reading his copy, and let me; for he knew it would take me 2 or 3 days, 4 tops. I finished it without either of my parents finding out, which was good. The down-side was, when my dad told me i was allowed to read it, I had to act all happy and then re-read it under his supervision. b-a-d. when the Deathly Hallows came out, he was over his paranoia and allowed my wonderful grandmother to pre-order it weeks in advance, and im happy to say it came right on time, July 21, 2007. I was so engrossed i finished it in one sitting, so as to not spoil the ending, as I heard was happening elsewhere. Also, i went to a release party at Border's Book Store in Raleigh, NC, the night before; which is very far away from my residence in Palm Beach, Florida. (hahaha to you, my hacker buds.) Unfortunately, I have never seen any of the movies in the theater, as my dad wouldn't let me see the fifth movie when it came out, because of the PG-13. idiot. i hope to rectify these mistakes this coming July 17, 2009, when HBP comes to theaters. Otherwise, I've seen all the movies numerous times, my favorite SO FAR being the ending of OOTP, and the whole of GOF. the sixth'll be my favorite though.


How is Super-Evil Genius going to know where the words Super, Evil, and Genius came from? All he know's is its an awesome name. Respect it!


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