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This is about all the glitches, mistakes, bloopers and bugs in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (video game) for the PS1. So far there are 7 mistakes.


  • Glitch 1 can being found here and when Harry Potter find Ginny in the game and comes back, he's already at the Gryffindor Tower.
  • Glitch 2 is when Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are runnin at Herbology. When Harry runs back, Ron walks from Potions. This can being found here.
  • Glitch 3 is when Harry runs a little bit further and Ron (again) cross him there. This can being found here.
  • Glitch 4 can be seen here and as you can see Ron and Harry met 2 boys will they were downstairs. However this events should ended up later.
  • Glitch 5 is that there 2 Ron's at the moment that Ron's is clear with eating slugs and talking Ron is talking with Harry and Hermoine. Source
  • Glitch 6 can be found here and Harry, Ron and Hermoine are saying their lines 3 times.
  • Glitch 7 appeared while there is no Hermoine in the library.

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