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{{User Parselmouth}}
{{User Parselmouth}}
{{User Annoying Orange Patronus}}
{{User Annoying Orange Patronus}}
{{Film infobox
|name=''Annoying Orange: Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple''
|image= [[File:Orange potter episode.png|250px]]
|director=[[w:c:annoyingorange:Dane Boedigheimer|Dane Boedigheimer]]
|producer=[[w:c:annoyingorange:Dane Boedigheimer|Dane Boedigheimer]]
|writer=[[w:c:annoyingorange:Dane Boedigheimer|Dane Boedigheimer]]
|starring=*[[w:c:annoyingorange:Dane Boedigheimer|Dane Boedigheimer]]
*[[w:c:annoyingorange:Justine Ezarik|Justine Ezarik]]
*[[w:c:annoyingorange:Robert Jennings|Robert Jennings]]
*[[w:c:annoyingorange:The Fine Bros|Benny Fine]]
*[[w:c:annoyingorange:Kevin Brueck|Kevin Brueck]]
|release= 13 July 2011
|length= 4 min. (4min.20secs.)
|preceded by=''[[w:c:annoyingorage:Annoying Orange: Trollin'|Trollin']]''
'''Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple''' is an episode of ''[[w:c:annoyingorange:The Annoying Orange|The Annoying Orange]]'' from the third season. This episode was a spoof of ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows''.
[[Harry Potter|Orange Potter]] takes on his arch nemesis, [[Voldemort|Moldywarts]].
===Main characters===
'''Orange Potter:''' the main protagonist of this spoof and The Annoying Orange series. He is a parody of [[Harry Potter|Harry]] He is somewhat annoying, due to the show's name, [[w:c:annoyingorange:The Annoying Orange (series)|Annoying Orange]]. He is an anthropomorphic orange.<br />
'''Pear Weasley:''' the deuteragonist of the spoof and the series. Pear is somewhat similar to [[Ronald Weasley|Ron]]. He is an anthropomorphic pear.<br />
'''Passiony Granger:''' the tritagonist of the spoof. Passiony is somewhat similar to [[Hermione Granger|Hermione]]. She is an anthropomorphic passion fruit.<br />'''Moldywarts:''' the main antagonist. He is a moldy anthropomorphic apple. It is unknown how he became moldy. He is very similar to [[Voldemort]].<br />
===Minor characters===
'''Snapefruit:''' Snapefruit is a character very similar to [[Snape]]. He is an anthropomorphic grapefruit.<br />
'''Grandpa Lemondore:''' Grandpa Lemondore is a character similar to [[Albus Dumbledore]], except he is very sleepy. He is an anthropomorphic lemon.

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