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Orange potter episode
Annoying Orange: Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple
Film information

Dane Boedigheimer


Dane Boedigheimer


Dane Boedigheimer



Release date(s)

13 July 2011

Running time

4 min. (4min.20secs.)

Preceded by


Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the third season. This episode was a spoof of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Orange Potter takes on his arch nemesis, Moldywarts.


Main characters

Orange Potter: the main protagonist of this spoof and The Annoying Orange series. He is a parody of Harry. He is somewhat annoying, due to the show's name, Annoying Orange. He is an anthropomorphic orange.
Pear Weasley: the deuteragonist of the spoof and the series. Pear is somewhat similar to Ron. He is an anthropomorphic pear.
Passiony Granger: the tritagonist of the spoof. Passiony is somewhat similar to Hermione. She is an anthropomorphic passion fruit.
Moldywarts: the main antagonist. He is a moldy anthropomorphic apple. It is unknown how he became moldy. He is very similar to Voldemort.

Minor characters

Snapefruit: Snapefruit is a character very similar to Snape. He is an anthropomorphic grapefruit.
Grandpa Lemondore: Grandpa Lemondore is a character similar to Albus Dumbledore, except he is very sleepy. He is an anthropomorphic lemon.

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