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aka My real name is Cassidy, I go by Luna

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September 19, 2013
  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is I am a Witch, in my version.
  • I am Female
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Well, I'm Slytherin.Luna, you can call me Luna. Let's see, I'm a Muggle-Born witch. My wand is 14 inches, Elm... Pheonix Feather, and Dragon Heart Core. My broomstick is the Sienna Storm. I play as a Seeker on my team, the beaters are Randall Lovegood and Roxanne Weasley. While our chasers are Molly Chang, Erin Xionephr, and Sarah Parker. Then, we have the Keeper, William Braxton. Etc, etc. I am in Slytherin, Though, I'd prefer Ravenclaw. My best friend is in my same house, Named Alexus Kelley. I have other friend's, too. My three friends in HufflePuff, Evie Shelton, Lexi Cowan, and Skyler Cook (Evie's Cousin). Then there is my friend in Gryffindor, Sean Rodriguez, only Alexus is Muggle-Born, the others are either Half-Bloods, or Pure-Bloods. I am an Animagus, I can turn into a small, black Chinchilla. I am strangely also a Paraceltongue.  Oh, I will warn you, I'm not
named Luna, My real name is 
Cassidy Luanne Rebel Matteson.

So far, HufflePuff one the House Cup, and we are hoping Slytherin will win, soon. I am the only Witch in my family, my parents freaked and sent me away to live in the Wizarding World to find my own, the Lovegoods' where kind enough to take care of me. Well, My pet that I brought along with me was a white rat I named Galaxy, a nasty little Bludger on Sugar. Well, the ban on "No First Years" in the Quidditch playing, you just have to be really... really... really good. And, I'm 11 B.T.W, I sneak Muggle books into class, while everyone reads "The Muggles and the Witch" or any other numbskulled Wizard book.

As of now, I have dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes. I have a few freckles, and light pink lips. I mean, there's more on this story as it Develops, Because I'm only in my Second month at Hogwarts. 

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