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*[[Mafalda Hopkirk]],
*[[Mafalda Hopkirk]],
*[[Ernie Macmillan]],
*[[Ernest Macmillan|Ernie Macmillan]],
*[[Dean Thomas]],
*[[Dean Thomas]],

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S.K (I choose not to reveal my real name)
Biographical information

March 29th


not yet.

Physical information


Hair colour

dark brown

Eye colour

one light brown, the other dark brown.

Family information
Family members

Me, my mom and dad

Magical characteristics



Thestral hair, made of alder, 10 inches, quite firm, excellent for transfiguration




An Unspeakable in The Department of Mysteries, spare time I study wands.

Starting on Thursday, July 3rd, I may not be able to contribute to Harry Potter Wiki. This is because I going on a vacation. I will be back by middle of August, and will proceed to editing again.

hi, I just joined harry potter wiki couple of months ago...January 28th to be exact. Anyway, i'm completly obsessed about the wizarding world of Harry Potter and J.K Rowling is like the coolest person ever to create such amazing books!!!! I just joined to learn more facts about harry potter,characters etc. There are soo much stuff in here that I never knew about from the books!! I made few spelling corrections or added in extra information on several articals. Though, usually I go to the Leaky cauldron to talk.I can't wait till the 6th movie comes out!!! I got the first three books of harry potter when I was in 4th grade by my uncle and thought that harry potter was stupid.(ya, I know, i was really dumb in 4th grade.) But then, my dad forced me to read it and i finally read it and I found out that it was the most amazing book in the whole entire world. Since, then I've been obsessed and now have the complete set of the harry potter books, plus the movies. Now, my dad is begging me to stop reading harry potter so much and to read other books. Ironic eh?

My favourite characters are:Edit

My favourite books (from harry Potter) are:Edit

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My favourite house is:Edit

GRYFFINDOR Gryffindorcrest

About me:Edit

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