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A quick note for y'all....

Hi y'all, it's Shadewing! I wanted to join this wiki like, 3 years ago, but I never had time. So, here I am! I'm completely obsessed with Harry Potter, and I probably know everything there is to know about it. (Not meaning to brag, but, I do know a lot). Well, I hope I stick around for a while!

By the way, I am EXTREMELY random and weird, so BEWARE!


ShadeySet Fire to the Wind... Shadewing

Some stuff about me...

Name: Rosie/Shadewing

Nicknames: Shadey, Shade, whatever else you want, just not my real name please :P

Other Wikis I'm on....

Warriors Share Wiki

Warriors Wiki

Bleach Wiki

Warriors Fanfic Wiki

Warriors Cats Clan Roleplay Wiki

Note: I'm on a lot more, but those are my main ones.

Favorite Books: HARRY POTTER (duh), Warriors, Hunger Games, Eragon, lots more...

Favorite Movies: HARRY POTTER, Avatar, Knowing, 2012, Old Disney ^.^

Favorite HP Characters.. (Note: in no particular order)...

Fred and George: Ohh, those two! My favorite characters. I love them!

Sirius Black: Gosh, he's awesome. I was so sad when he died!

Remus Lupin: Another awesome character. I was also sad when he died!

Tonks: What can I say? She's two amazing to write about. Tonks drowns in awesome sauce.

Bellatrix Lestrange: She was pretty....interesting... But I gotta love her. She was hilariously insane.

Draco Malfoy: I have to admit, I didn't like him at first. But I felt so sorry for him!


Lily Evans: She belongs with Snape!!!!

Alastor Moody: MAD-EYE. WHY DID YOU DIE?!

Fenrir Greyback: A very creepy character. But still cool. He drowns in creeper sauce.

Kingsley Shacklebolt: He's quite a character. Very awesome.

Lucius Malfoy: Ohh, he's a creeper, but he rocks. He drowns in...creepily awesome sauce.


Hagrid: HAGRID. Oh, he's a strange one. He drowns in oddball sauce.

Minerva Mcgonagall: She's pretty sweet. She drowns in...tartar sauce...just kidding, she rocks.

Least Favorite HP Characters...(Not in order)...

Note: I have no issue with Voldemort. Except when he kills off like all my favorite characters. And yells his head off while casting the Killing Curse. (Annoying) *Shoves Voldemort into the Black Lake*

Gilderoy Lockhart: UGH! You need to be pushed off the Astronomy Tower! You drown in annoying sauce!

Narcissa Malfoy: Narcissa is so infuriating!

Dolores Umbridge: You drown in fatso sauce!! Prepare to die!

Rufus Scrimgeour: You, my friend, are annoying! You drown in butthead sauce!

Cornelius Fudge: You sent Hagrid to AZKABAN! Are you nuts?! You drown in nutface sauce!

Well, that's all for now!

My Hogwarts Life

My name is Zarinthia, I'm in the fourth year, and the Sorting Hat wanted me in Ravenclaw, but I was put into Gryffindor.

I play seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch Cup, and we have won the Quidditch Cup every year since my first year. I am best friends with Ginny Weasley. I have gotten an Outstanding in every exam for every class so far except for History of Magic, because I was never there because I took so many classes I had to use my Time Turner, and I never could make it to History of Magic. One day I hope to become an auror.

I really enjoy Potions and Care of Magical Creatures, but personally Arithmancy is my favorite subject. Professor Vector is a great teacher, although the exams are extremely hard. Transfiguration is great too, but Professor McGonagall is very strict, although I really like the way she handles the lessons.

I am an unregistered animagus, and I turn into a white tiger, exactly like my patronus. I used this form when I was helping Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest with his giant brother, Grawp, and some acromantulas attacked me. I also used it to save Ginny when we were in detention, and a hag attacked us.

I am Half Blood, and I am very proud of it!

My wand was originally Oak and Unicorn hair, 13 inches, but it broke during the hag attack. Now, it is Maple and Phoenix feather, 12 inches.

Fred, George, Lee, and I have gotten into quite a bit of trouble together. Ginny sometimes tags along, but normally it's just us four.

I am currently dating Draco Malfoy, and he is really very nice and sweet on the inside, although he can be very cruel to Harry and his friends. People aren't very nice to Draco, but I try to cheer him up. Pansy Parkinson and I often argue over him. She's a real cow.

Time for my Arithmancy Class, sorry!

My Userboxes...

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