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My House.

Okay, so, this is my profile, and will tell a bit about my relationship (obssession) with Harry Potter.

My Addiction

So, I started the series in 4th grade, after a few feeble attempts at reading it previously. I finally got into it, and that was it. I was addicted. My level of obssession varies from remarkably high to not-the-top-priority, but it is always there. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. And apparently (according to the many quizzes I've taken), I'm a- very proud- Gryffindor.


I'm also a crafter, and so I love to make Harry Potter items. Right now I'm in the middle of a big project where I'm making a trunk for myself that includes things like textbooks, acceptance letter, potions, quills, etc., etc. It's a LOT of fun. 
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