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Design 4 won the vote!

I've had a go at making a new Main Page, because I feel the current Main Page needs to be improved.

My vision of a new, better, Main Page is:

  • More professional looking.
  • Overall new design.
  • Compact, but not too small/cramped.
  • Article of the week feature.

Also, my designs have a spoiler warning. This is in there because we're probably going to end up not using spoiler templates (see the discussion).


Design 1

This is my very first attempt at a new Main Page, and is the basis for my other four designs. In fact, the text content on all 5 designs are all the same, it's mainly the colours that are different in different designs. The spoiler template stands out too much in this design, and the rest of the page needs more colour.

Design 2

This is a slight improvement of Design. 1, although it still looks a bit plain. The spoiler warning colours really suit this design, and stick out without looking ugly.

Design 3

The third design is my first multi-coloured version (each of the four main boxes represent a Hogwarts house). It's a bit too colourful for a Harry Potter Wiki, though. This design also adds a heading and link to Harry Potter News.

Design 4

Vostok suggested these colours, and they look pretty good. It suits the white theme of MediaWiki, but the it looks a bit weird together with the HPWiki logo. The colours might be a little too washed out.

Design 5

This is an improvment of Design 4, although I think there could be too much pink/red on the page.

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