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Rainbow Shifter
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Hello everyone!

I am Rainbow Shifter but most people on Wikia call me Rainie, RS or Shiftey (for reasons you don't want to know). I love The Hunger Games and Harry Potter and I have been meaning to edit this wiki for a long time as it is the centre point for most of my information for roleplay sites and other Harry Potter information sites. I hope to become a permanent member here and I hope that we share many happy editing times together.

I am sorry if my User page isn't very pretty because I am not good with codes at all (not like all you fancy admins). If you have any question at all about the Harry Potter universe then please ask it on my talk page. I love helping people out and seeing messages on my talk page makes me so happy that I could cry! If you see something on an article that you are not sure about then message me and I'll have a little look at it.

I have created a Work Page so that I can start to help cleanup some larger articles and drastically expand others. Anybody who wants to help with the current project(s) must ask me first.

Pages I have created

My Favorite Characters

My Userboxes

1584639 This user's wand is 15 inches, made from Black Walnut and with a dragon heart string core.
Herbology This user's favourite class is Herbology.
British Flag This user is from Great Britain.
Sprout This user's favourite character is Pomona Sprout.
Dobby the house elf This user is a fan of Dobby.
Ministry2 This user supports the Ministry of Magic.
Wizard's Chess This user enjoys playing Wizard's Chess.
Phoenix This user was very sad when Fawkes left the school.
This user is a Hufflepuff player
in the House Points Game.
S final
This user was sorted into
Slytherin on Pottermore.
Goyle This user is a Beater for the Slytherin Quidditch team.
Padfoot This user is an Animagus.
CS C2 This user supports the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.
Harry Potter and Hedwig This user was very sad when Hedwig died.
Gwenogjones1 This user supports the Holyhead Harpies.
Harry Potter Scar This user is a First Year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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