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Hello, people of the Ministry of Magic's Wikipedia Division!


Uhh...that's it. -.-

My W.O.M.B.A.T. Test Answers

Test 1

1: c. Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office
2: d. Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office
3: d. Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, Obliviator Squad, Improper Use of Magic Office and Wizengamot
4: b. Wizengamot
5: e. All of the above
6: a. The injury of three Muggles due to a poorly performed Forgetfulness Charm
7: b. Jelly-Legs Jinx performed on threatening Muggle
8: c. House-elf ownership
9: b. The ban on goblin possession of wands (ought to be lifted) [Obviously not C, they already took their views into account. Besides, this improves goblin relations, which is necessary.]
10: c. Floo Powder
11: d. Flying Muggle vehicle (eg. car, motorcycle)
12: b. Brooms/Floo Powder
13: b. Brooms/Floo Powder
14: b. Brooms/Floo Powder
15: e. Brooms/Floo powder/Knight Bus/Apparition
16: d. Brooms/Floo Powder/Knight Bus
17: b. Muggle-Repelling Charm
18: a. Alihotsy leaves
19: f. Tergeo
20: c. Dittany [Although best to use a Cure to Uncommon Poisons]
21: c. Releasing a Portkey before it has arrived will result in death or serious injury.
22: b. Crup
23: f. Knarl
24: a. An Animagus
25: a. Alihotsy shrub

Test 2

1: a. Hags eat small children
2: b. Freshwater merpeople are less warlike than salt.
3: e. Werewolves
4: a. Dementors
5: c. Wizard refusal to grant goblins the right to carry a wand?
6: e. Many giants are cannibals
7: c. House-elves cannot be ordered to kill themselves
8: a. Insufficient information given by the Ministry of Magic regarding the return of Lord Voldemort
9: a. Care of Magical Creatures
10: d. 93%
11: c. Spate of suspected werewolf bites
12: b. Proof of pure-blood status
13: b. Broomstick, c. Cauldron, & o. Potion-making kit
14: e. Self-ironing robes
15: c. Computer
16: b. Muggle-born witches/wizards usually have a witch or wizard ancestor somewhere in their family tree, though s/he may be generations back.
17: a. It is possible for a Muggle to produce elementary magic if they have access to a wand and a book of spells.
18: f. Irritating facts of life

Test 3

1: d. increasing numbers of witch-burnings
2: d. the imprisonment of the notoriously violent Hodrod the Horny-Handed, who had attempted to kill three wizards
3: a. The creation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy in 1692.
4: d. The 1865 decision to leave full control of Gringotts in goblin hands.
5: a. The oldest building in Diagon Alley is Gringotts Bank; the other shops grew up around it.; e. A secret task force of Wizards and Muggles helped the Allies to victory in the Second World War.; & i. Upon his death in battle in 1762, goblin rebel Vargot was discovered to be a renegade house-elf.
6-1: c. Several of the oldest Wizengamot wizards walk out in protest at Minister's appointment
6-2: e. Ghost demonstrations at the Ministry of Magic ("protest floats")
6-3: a. Attempted assassination by centaur
6-4: b. Pureblood riots during Squib Rights marches
6-5: f. A night of large-scale breaches of the International Wizarding Statute of Secrecy
6-6: d. Persistent denial of notorious Dark wizard's existence forces Minister's resignation after notorious Dark wizard appears at the Ministry of Magic
7-1: b. FALSE
7-2: b. FALSE
7-3: b. FALSE
7-4: a. TRUE
7-5: b. FALSE
7-6: b. FALSE
7-7: b. FALSE
7-8: a. TRUE
7-9: b. FALSE
7-10: a. TRUE
8: c. Foodstuffs can be increased, transfigured, summoned from a distance and magically cooked.
9: c. An Animagus is able to perform a kind of magic that is NEITHER Transfiguration NOR Charm.
10: f. None of the above
11: f. None of the above
12: f. Lift jinx on post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts & g. Persuade Boy Who Lived to front anti-Dark Arts publicity campaign
13: d. A curse is stronger than a hex, which is stronger than a jinx.
14: e. Giants have traditionally allied themselves with the Dark Arts.
15-1: h. Riddikulus
15-2: e. The Patronus Charm
15-3: i. Sunlight
15-4: g. Phoenix tears
15-5: j. Will
15-6: f. Fire
15-7: m. NO CURE

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