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YOU'RE A PRICK AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER, YOU MOTHERFUCKER [[User:ProfessorToftyIsAPrick|ProfessorToftyIsAPrick]] ([[User talk:ProfessorToftyIsAPrick|talk]]) 12:26, April 14, 2013 (UTC)
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'''Pottermore''' -<br />
Username: '''MarauderCloak17128''', House: '''<font color=FFD700>Hufflepuff</font>''', Wand: '''10 3/4, Cypress, Unicorn, Hard'''<br />
'''Wonderbook''' - Patronus: '''[[Goat]]'''
'''ProfessorTofty''' here, doing my best to help out. As part of those efforts, I am now an '''administrator''' here on the Harry Potter Wiki, so if I can help you with anything, just let me know.
You can also find me at the wiki for ''[[w:c:eternalsonata|Eternal Sonata]]'', which I adopted a while back.. If you've ever played this great game or the idea of a role-playing game featuring legendary classical composer Frederic Chopin sounds appealing to you, then why not stop by and take a look? If you are familiar with the game, I could certainly use some help.
I've been editing at Wikia for several years, though this is a relatively new account of mine. I will try to help out where I can. [[Hermione Granger]] is my personal favorite character in the series, though my username is based on an old joke of mine that [[Tofty]], the "old, bald examiner" in ''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]]'' is my second-favorite character.
I've been working to buff up some of the articles on the site which are marked as "stubs" but reference subjects that are only briefly mentioned in [[canon]] and therefore don't really have much info that can be added - mainly consisting of adding references, links and various miscellaneous details where needed. Quite a bit has been cleared out, but there's still a lot to go. I also try to add details and referencing to certain articles where I can, if I see that things are missing, and also doing general proofreading. My latest project has been to try to get orphaned pages linked on other pages.
I will also sometimes revert some of the more obvious vandalism made to the wiki if I happen to spot it. I try to assume good faith, if possible, though I will go straight to vandal2 if it's obvious that the intent is destructive, such as the addition of profanity or clearly inflammatory content.
There's been a lot of talk lately about the excess number of articles on the wiki for various unidentified individuals and subjects of dubious notability. The [[Harry Potter Wiki:Notability guidelines|notability policy]] has recently been passed, so check the guidelines to see if the subject of your article is considered notable.
Finally, you may have noticed that I have added myself to the category [[Muggle]] users, currently the only occupant. I have never had any interest in claiming to be a [[wizard]], nor creating my own fan-made character. In any case, as [[Arthur Weasley]] would note, there's nothing wrong with being a muggle. So if you are one, then do not feel any shame!
==Favourite Pages==
*[[Dolores Umbridge's ornamental plates]]
*[[Fire-breathing chicken]]
*[[Luna Lovegood's lion hat]]
*[[MAD Magazine]]
*[[Book transfiguring spell]]
*[[Discipline at Hogwarts]]
==Pages I've Created==
{{Scroll box
*[[The Harry Potter Alliance]]
*[[Essay on vampires]]
*[[Hair care potions]]
*[[Ronald Weasley's file]]
*[[Brothers Grimm]]
*[[Hogwarts Express ticket]]
*[[Parking meter]]
*[[Toothless old man's rowboat]]
*[[William Weasley and Fleur Delacour's wedding cake]]
*[[Harry Potter's birthday cake from Molly Weasley]]
*[[Surrey milkman]]
*[[Harry Potter's alarm clock]]
*[[Traffic light]]
*[[Letter bomb]]
*[[Dursley family toilet]]
*[[Dudley Dursley's remote control aeroplane]]
*[[Fall of Lord Voldemort celebrations]]
*[[Vernon Dursley's office]]
*[[Smelting stick]]
*[[Harry in Winter]]
*[[Harry Potter Shop at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters]]
*[[Unidentified Durmstrang students]]
*[[Rita Skeeter's home]]
*[[Goshawk sisters]]
*[[Bugging device]]
*[[Gilderoy Lockhart's collected works]]
*[[Defence Against the Dark Arts Second Year Essential Knowledge Test]]
*[[Professor Umbridge (theme)]]
*[[Unidentified bank in Surrey]]
*[[List of Harry Potter parodies]]
*[[Harry Potter: Beyond the Page]]
*[[Potterwookiee: The Creature from My Closet]]
*[[Saturday Night Live]]
*[[The Toad]]
*[[Black Knight]]
*[[Edmund Grubb]]
*[[Pure-Blood Directory]]
*[[Dumbledore's Army (theme)]]
*[[1996 Gryffindor Quidditch Keeper trials spectators]]
*[[My Immortal]]
*[[Clare Melinsky]]
*[[LEGO Harry Potter: Building the Magical World]]
*[[Potted Potter]]
*[[Harry Potter Reading Club]]
*[[Harry Potter Competition: Celebrating 15 Years of Harry Potter Magic (Bloomsbury Publishing)]]
*[[Bloomsbury Harry Potter website]]
*[[LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World]]
*[[Dudley Dursley's tortoise]]
*[[Video recorder]]
*[[Arthur (series)]]
*[[Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality]]
*[[List of wrock bands]]
*[[Harry Potter for Kinect]]
*[[ABC Family]]
*[[Accio Quote!]]
*[[Essay on werewolves]]
*[[Musical statues]]
*[[Muggle Relations]]
*[[Order for the Expulsion of Peeves]]
*[[Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book]]
*[[Alastor Moody's dustbins]]
*[[Weasley is Our King badge]]
*[[Teacup to gerbil]]
*[[Support Harry Potter party]]
<table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="border:2px solid #800080; background:#FFD700; width:auto; text-align:left; margin: 0 auto; padding:3px; margin-bottom:3px; font-size:95%;"><tr style="vertical-align:middle;"><td style="padding:.5em .5em .5em .5em;">[[File:Prefect.PNG]]</td><td style="overflow:hidden; padding-right:0.5em;"><div>[[User:Seth Cooper|<small><span style="border:2px solid #333333;"><font style="background:white;color:#333333;">&nbsp;'''Seth Cooper'''&nbsp;</font></span></small>]] <big>'''has awarded you a [[Prefect|Prefect Badge]]!'''</big></div>''In recognition of your diligent efforts on the elimination of unnecessary stub tags and your overall enthusiasm in the improvement of the quality of the Wiki.''</td></tr></table>
{{Order of Merlin 3|[[User:Harry granger|Harry granger]]}}
{{Order of Merlin 2|[[User:Nick O'Demus|<font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="4" color="FF8000">Nick O'Demus</font>]]}}
{{Order of Merlin 1|[[User:Nick O'Demus|<font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="4" color="FF8000">Nick O'Demus</font>]]}}
[[Category:Muggle users]]
[[Category:Muggle users]]
[[Category:Prefect Users]]
[[Category:Prefect Users]]

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