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Hey people! I'm a big fan of HP.


R final This user supports Ravenclaw.

Order of the Phoenix logo
This user supports the
Order of the Phoenix.

Hogwarts crest This user supports Hogwarts.
Dumbledore's™ Army Logomark on Parchment This user supports Dumbledore's Army.
Harry Potter and Hedwig This user was very sad when Hedwig died.
Ministry2 This user supports the Ministry of Magic.
Golden Snitch This user is a fan of Quidditch.

Favourite quotes

"Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure." Rowena Ravenclaw

"The foolish think himself wise; The wise think himself foolish" William Shakespeare

Favorite Images

Harry Potter Profile

Cool Dude (Lol)


'Lucuis always did himself well... peacocks '

Th ico-tonks02

I love this image! it is sooo funny!



Ginny and Harry

How romantic... :)




They are a nice pair.


He's mighty strong. WHOOP!


I love birds


Hmm...Why is there two coat of arms? Baffling.

Video:Harvest Moon AWL Blue Feather|thumb|318px|right|The Blue Feather!

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