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About me


My name's Allison and I am a huge huge huge huge Harry Potter fan. btw, I'm very very new to this (having an account...I can't seem to get a couple things working! How does everyone else do that stuff they have on their profile??? hmm...). Not that I haven't been visiting the Harry Potter Wikia. I have, for awhile now. It actually beats me to why I didn't make an account sooner...

If I were to have my very own wand from Ollivanders, it'd be Vine, Unicorn hair, 14 inches


Okay, I'm having serious problems with figuring out how to add userboxes, mainly because I somehow find a reason to screw it up after =/ help?

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Fun Facts with Harry Potter and I

I've been reading the series since grade 3 and know just about anything about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

A couple months ago, I had to make a magazine project and devoted it completely to Harry Potter, getting a perfect mark on the assignment =]

I have a lot of Harry Potter merchandises such as the sorting hat, firebolt, scarf, etc. PLUS, the real replica of Harry's Wand

I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Ontario Science Center. Let's just say that it was absolutely amazing

Harry and Hermione are my favorite characters

I had a 'trivia-off' with a friend of mine and got *almost* every single question right (the ones I missed were the very specific details she memorized off the Harry Potter Wikia here)

Emma Watson is my favorite actress in the movies

I constantly read Harry Potter Fanfiction


The cover to a magazine project I had to make

I've read the least 7 times. I have a bunch of Harry Potter official sites and everything saved in a folder for me to look at.

I've been sorted into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat- literally. But taking the house quiz, I have gotten the results for all the houses except Slytherin. I have no idea which house i belong to at this point XD

and I'm not that ashamed to say that my favorite dreams I have are the ones where I am either flying on a broomstick or actually in the Wizarding World with Harry and everyone

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