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  • I live in Baltimare
  • My occupation is reading minds and being stupid
  • I am a female
MLP - Have You Seen This Wizard

LOL this is such a funny pic...

Howdy!I am ponydreamer125 (duh).I am a big fan of Harry Potter and My Little Pony,Friendship is Magic (if you love it as well,leave a message on my talk page.)I am often riding thestrals or hippogriffs,daydreaming,drawing,or practising charms.If you want to see my Harry Trotter pics (mlp crossovers of HP), search mlp in the photos category.

My favorite pages,characters,and creatures

  • Luna lovegood
  • Arnold the pygmy puff
  • MLP wiki
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Weasley twins

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