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Hi. Message me with the answers to see what house your in!!!!!!

1.If someone you DONT know is being bullied do you...

A. Tell the bully to back off.

B. Watch the bully pick on the kid.

C. Tell a professor.

D. Try and persuade the bully to be nice to the kid.

2. Your homework assignment that is due tomorrow got lost, so you...

A. Be brave and admit to your failure.

B. Use all your smarts to write a better essay.

C. You don't care.

D. Work all night to rewrite it.

3. You accidenally break your friends new sunglasses, so you...

A. Blame it on someone else.

B. Admit to your mistake.

C. Buy them a new pair.

D. Try and fix them.

4. How would you most want to make money in the Muggle world?

A. A scientist.

B. A worker or labourer.

C. A theif.

D. A doctor.

5. What color best describes you?

A. Bronze

B. Black

C. Blue

D. Green

E. Yellow

F. Gold

G. Red

H. Silver

6. You are best known for your...

A. Hard Workingness.

B. Intelligence.

C. Stealthiness.

D. Courage.

7. Your house is on fire and your family and pets are all safe. You have time to save one thing. What is it?

A. Photos

B. Books

C. Try and put out the fire

D. Money

8.You win $1000, so you...

A. Donate it ALL to charity.

B. Save it.

C. Invest in the stock market to get more.

D. Spend some, donate some, and save some.

9. Where would you rather be?

A. Sky Diving

B. Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore

C. Pacific Ocean

D. A bonfire.

10. If you were an animal what kind would you be?

A. A strong but peaceful animal.

B. A mean and viscious animal.

C. A powerful animal at the top of the food chain.

D. A free and exotic animal.

Message me and find if you are in RAVENCLAW, HUFFLEPUFF, SLYTHERIN, or GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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