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" parents, with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal..."
Sirius Black to Harry Potter on his family's values.[src]
Phoenix Arcturus Black
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December 15, 1977

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  • C. Warrington
  • Cassius Black
  • The Last Black (by the Daily Prophet)
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14" Hawthorn wood, dragon heartstring core




Phoenix Arcturus Black (b. December 15, 1977 -) is only son of Regulus Arcturus Black and thus, the sole heir of the House of Black. He was raised by his mother after the unknown death of his father and in order to protect his son from the Death Eaters, she changed his son's name. In 1998, when Lord Voldemort was defeated she told Phoenix about his true identity.

At the age of 11 he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As the rest of his family and ancestors(with the exception of his uncle Sirius Black) he was sorted into the Slytherin House.

His black hair and slim body resemble those of his relatives and also possess the same aristocratic elegance they used to have.

Eventually he become a high officer of the Ministry of Magic. He married Isobel MacDougal and together they had 3 children.


Family Lineage

Through his father, Phoenix is part of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Some of his ancestors were the most infamous Hogwarts Headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black, Arcturus Black I, Cygnus Black II and Hesper Gamp. The Blacks are considered to be and old, wealthy family. They are related to the Potter, Malfoy, Longbottom and Lestrange families.

His mother, who had not any sibling, was member of the Warrington family, which was also a pure-blood family and through his maternal grandmother, Phoenix was related to the Cornfoot family


During his Hogwarts years, Regulus Black secretely became romantically involved with fellow Slytherin classmate Anna Warrington, a pure-blood witch related to the old Cornfoot family. During their fifth year at Hogwarts, Anna became pregnant which resulted for her not returning to Hogwarts ever and on the following summer vacations they were secretely married. Four months later, on December 15, 1977, Phoenix Arcturus Black was born.

Since Anna and Regulus live very near to each other in London, they maintained a good communication after that and he often sent her "very good" amounts of money and visited them mostly during the holidays until she knew that Regulus had become a Death Eater.

She believed in blood purity but not in "the purification of the wizarding world", that is the reason why she cut off her communication with Regulus Black and she changed his name to "Cassius Warrington" in order to prevent him to be recruited by Death Eaters. She went to hidding in a Muggle town in Kent, England.

Some days before his death, Regulus knew about his wife and son's whereabouts and went on to see them. He apologize for having believed in Voldemort's ideas and told her about a dangerous mission he was going to develop without specifying what he was going to do or where. Before leaving, Regulus said that she did right in changing his son's name. Regulus left the boy a letter which stated that he himself, acknowledges Phoenix as his own son. Regulus told Anna to hand him the letter and tell him about his true identity until he was mature enough to understand why all of that happened.

Anna and Cassius returned to London and rented a magical house in Camden.

Early Life

C. Warrington was raised by his mother herself since his maternal relatives thought he was a bastard and doubted of his blood status. Nonetheless, Regulus make sure they'd have a pleasant life by leaving them enough gold. Cassius was born and raised in Camden, London; there they had a couple of magical families as neighbours. At the age of 7, he attended Charm School for one year. Since his mother got a part-time job in Diagon Alley he often spent time there within the magical community.

In 1989 when he was 11, he received his Hogwarts acceptance letter and soon he went with his mother to Diagon Alley for buying all the items listed on the supply list. His first stop was at Ollivander's where he bought his 14" Hawthorn wood with dragon heartstring core wand. Days later, he began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and during the sorting ceremony the Sorting Hat placed him on Slytherin.

Hogwarts Years

First Year

Pheonix was amused with such magic as the rest of his classmates and was very happy to know he was sorted in Slytherin, which was also his mother's House. Some of his classmates wer Fred and George Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Cedric Diggory and Alicia Spinnet.

Madam Hooch discovered his Quiditch aptitudes during the Flight lessons and told him he will be a good Chaser. In later years, he joined the Slytherin Quidditch team. His favorite subjects and the ones he did the best were Charms and Transfiguration. He went to London for the Christmas vacations

This was a very enjoying year for Pheonix since he not only did well in all of his First year exams but also his house won the House Cup.

Second Year

On 1990, Pheonix returned to Hogwarts. During his second year he took the same classes as in his first year. Before winter arrived, he starting making try-offs for the Slytherin Quidditch team, but because of his age, he was not admitted.

At the end of the year he was proud of his House because it won the House Cup again. He did well in all of his subjects but he was not satisfied with his Herbology score.

Third Year

During his third year at Hogwarts, he lived many interesting events: the famous Harry Potter began his Hogwarts career, Gringotts suffered a break out by Voldemort's followers and the events of the Philospher's Stone took place.

Since in the third year, students may take electives, Phoenix took 2 during the year: Arithmancy and Study of Ancient Runes. He obtained very good grades during this school year. The reason may be that he focused exclusively on his classes. Also he did not make try-offs for Quidditch because he decided to wait for being old enough to be taken in consideration for entering his House's Quidditch team.

Unfortunately, after 6 years of winning the House Cup, Slytherin did not won it this year. Because of Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom's participation in the events concerning the Philosopher's Stone, Gryffindor won the House Cup with 10 points of difference to Slytherin.

Fourth Year

Phoenix returned to Hogwarts for the 1992-1993 school year. The events regarding the Chamber of Secrets marked Phoenix's fourth year. By this year, his mother noticed that while growing, he resembles more and more like his father.

During this year, Gilderoy Lockhart was the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and founded the Duelling Club. Phoenix entered the Club and was one of its most recognized members. He was plannig to become the Slytherin Duelling Club Captain, but in later years the club was not opened.

The electives he took on this school year were 2, just as last year: Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies. Also he took one extra-curricular: Ghoul Studies. Many people told him to take the Divination class, but the fact is, that he was never interested in that subject. He felt the fourth year exams too easy for him.

At the end of the year he was a little disappointed because once again, Gryffindor won the House Cup. During the following summer vacations he spent most of the time reading and studying since next year he was going to take the O.W.L.'s.

Fifth Year

Black's fifth year was very stressful for him due to the examinations he was going to go through at the end of the year. During this school year, Sirius Black, the famous killer, escaped from Azkaban. By this time, Phoenix did not know that Black was his paternal uncle, nor did Sirius knew that he had a nephew. He experienced the security measures Albus Dumbledore implemented in order to protect Hogwart's students from Black.

Finally, during this school year, he was made Chaser of the Slytherin Quidditch team, replacing Adrian Pucey. He was very proud of himself because he, by this time, had waited almost 3 years for this moment to happen. The first thing he did after receiving the news by Captain Marcus Flint, was writing his mother a letter. But unfortunately, this year, Slytherin lost the Quidditch Cup to the Gryffindor Quidditch team on the re-scheduled match during the final day of the season.

During this year he began to feel a romantic attraction to Isobel MacDougal but his first-studies interest did not let him create a close relationship with her, they remain only friends.

In order to do well in his O.W.L. exams, Phoenix increased the number of electives to 3 and did not take any extra-curricular subject. The three electives were: Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. By this time he had already took these 3 subjects but in order to have satisfactory grades in the O.W.L.'s, he took these classes once again.

It seems that his enthusiasm for the studies brought him good results, since he did well in all of his tests except on Divination and Herbology

O.W.L. scores

Sixth Year

Before this school year commenced, England was the host for the 422nd Quidditch World Cup. Phoenix did not went to see the final as Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasly and Harry Potter did. But he did watch 2 matches with some other friends: when England was beaten 390 to 10 by Transylvania and when Wales lost to Uganda.

Besides Herbology and Divination, Phoenix could not took neither Potions nor Astronomy as N.E.W.T.-level classes because of his "A's" scores. During this school year the Triwizard Tournament took place. When Albus Dumbledore placed the Goblet of Fire in the Great Hall, in order for students to try to compete, he put his name in, but Cedric Diggory was chosen as Hogwarts champion.

He, as many others, did not liked Harry Potter because of his cheating on the Goblet of Fire and on two ocassions he used "Support Cedric and not Potter" badges. Because of this tournament, there was nor Quidditch Cup neither quidditch matches during this school year.

He decided to take it easy this year not only because he had done great efforts in the past years but also because he wanted to enjoy the tournament and hang out a little with Isobel MacDougal. During this year he took: Transfiguration, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Apparition. The only extra-curricular subjects he took this year was Ancient Studies.

Seventh Year

On his last year at Hogwarts, Phoenix decided todo well in all of his classes. Nonetheless, he officially began to date Isobel during this school year. Many rare things happened in Hogwarts this year. Dolores Umbridge was appointed DADA's teacher, later Hogwarts High Inquisitor and then, Hogwarts Headmistress.

The subjects he took this year were: History of Magic, Ancient Runes, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Advanced Arithmancy Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration. He applied for Alchemy but at the end, the subject was not taught because of the lack of demand.

For extra-credit, he joined the Inquisitorial Squad. Being a member of the Inquisitorial Squad, he had the power to take house points from all students, even from prefects. He, along with fellows squad members, like Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Vincent Crabbe discovered Dumbledore's Army in the Room of Requirement after Marietta Edgecombe's betrayal. He captured Ginny Weasly and Neville Longbottom.

At the end of this year, seventh-year students including Phoenix, took the N.E.W.T.s, in which he obtained very good grades, Lord Voldemort's return was accepted by the magical community, Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore were reinvindicated and Cornelius Fudge resigned from his position as Minister of Magic

N.E.W.T.s Scores

Later Life


After graduating from Hogwarts, he spent the following 6 months having vacations, like a half-gap year. Eventually he took the Grade One W.O.M.B.A.T. and obtained and Exceeds Expectations score. He took this test for just having additional qualification for finding a good job. On July he went to the Apparition Test Centre, where he succesfully was granted with the Apparition license.

On this summer vacations he spent time with his girlfriend, Isobel MacDougal and after the holidays were over he went on to King's Cross Station to say goodbye to her. There he saw many of his fellow students. They kept writing to each other during the rest of the school year and on the Christmas holidays, he went to visit her at her home.

On November 1996, he applied for a job in the Hit Wizard Office within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Magic. The minimum qualification for this office is 5 O.W.L.s, nontheless, Phoenix had 10 O.W.L.s, 8 N.E.W.T.s and 1 W.O.M.B.A.T. and because of these excellent qualifications, a higher job position within this office, a flexible schedule and a good salary was offered to him by this same office on the following 2 weeks. He quickly accepted the job and started working on January of the following year.

During his first year working in the Hit Wizard Office, Pheonix had a lot of work due to the Second Wizarding War. He was not a Death Eater, neither he was affiliated to Voldemort's forces in the Ministry, but also, he was not on the side of Harry Potter or the Order of the Phoenix, in other words, he was neutral.

After Dumbledore's assasination on the Astronomy Tower on the 30th June, he was sent to Hogwarts Castle as the representative of the Hit Wizard Office. He also wanted to know if his lovely girlfriend was alright, which, indeed, she was. They talk for a while, but soon he had to return to London. Almost one week after they attended Dumbledore's funeral together.

On August 1, 1997, the Ministry of Magic was taken over by Voldemort and his followers on a deathly coup. Fortunately for him, he was not at the Ministry that day, but on the next day he went there as he expected personnel changes and reestructuring. His office was left as it was before the coup, with only two Hit Wizard missing.

Later on, the new Minister, Pius Thicknesse installed the Muggle-Born Registration Commission with Dolores Umbridge as its head. This commision was in charge of prosecuting and improsining muggle-borns with the charge of "stoling magic from real witches and wizards". The Snatchers organisation was formed to capture muggle borns and blood traitors. Also, during this regime, people that sympathized with the Order of the Phoenix or Muggles were placed under surveillance.

Since Black's documentation stated that he did was not a muggle-born wizard and thanks to Dolores Umbridge's influence(she remembered Warrington as part of the Inquisitorial Squad), Phoenix Arcturus Black(C. Warrington known by then) did not had any issue during Thicknesse's regime. In fact, he was being considered to head the Hit Wizard Office but at the end, no promotion was made. The only benefit he got was a decrease of work hours.

Because of this benefit, he had more time for himself. Starting in October 1997, he began doing research and working "ad honorem" at Gringotts just for understanding and studying magic finances and economy and continue working there on the following 2 years. Since Phoenix had an Outstanding N.E.W.T. score on Arithmancy, the goblins accepted his placement, beside, they believe that his work will somehow bring benefit to them.

During this year's Christmas holidays, he waited for his girlfriend return from Hogwarts at King's Cross Station. She told him that Hogwarts have changed a lot since Severus Snape's appointment as Headmaster and that the Hogwarts's situation was not good at all because of the subject changes and the Carrows. Phoenix understood her since the Ministry has gone through the same situation as well. He told her that it was imperative for herself to maintain a low profile. Later on, they spent Christmas Eve and New Year's celebration together.

Battle of Hogwarts

On 1 May, a break-in in Gringotts Wizarding Bank occurred. When the news arrived to the Ministry of Magic, he was ordered to immediately depart to Diagon Alley, heading a squad that consisted of 6 Hit Wizards. But when they arrived, the Undesirable No. 1 had already gone. The Ministry had great work to do after this break-in for the enormous chaos it produced.

On Next day, he went to Gringotts to help the goblins in fixing and cleaning the building and also to investigate the break-in. This was good for him since many of the Ministry's officials, including the current head of his office and some co-workers were imperiused and ordered to fight against Harry Potter and his supporters. Later that day, he went to the Ministry to do some paper work and it was almost desolate. Hours later, he learned about the Battle of Hogwarts and immediately disapparated.

When he arrived Hogwarts, the battle was over. He was very worried for Isobel's life; he started screaming her name outloud and looking for her desparately. He entered the Castle through the Clock Tower Courtyard and after almost 30 minutes looking at some corpses in the Great Hall, he did not find her.

Finally, he saw Lisa Turpin, one of Isobel's house mates. He immediately asked for Isobel and fortunately, Isobel was alive. She was cleaning the Ravenclaw Tower. He went off to the tower and after climbing several stairs, he saw her. He run up to where she was a hugged her as never before.

After the Battle, Kingsley Shacklebolt became Minister of Magic and started a policy against corruption and discrimination. Several reforms and changes like the banning of Dementors and the abolition of pro-pureblood laws were developed during his tenure as Minister.


Phoenix attended Isobel's graduation and 7 years later(2005), he was appointed Head of the Hit Wizard Office.

Three months after the Battle of Hogwarts, his mother told Cassius that his true name was Phoenix Arcturus Black and explained the reason of why she changed his name(which was truly effective). She showed him, Regulus's letter, which was signed with the initials "R.A.B."

He was deeply impressed as he never thought he had a family. He began asking more and more about his father and his family, but her mother could not answered all of his questions. She told him that 2 Blacks were still alived, Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy. Phoenix did not found any reference for Andromeda but he did for Narcissa, so he made and appointment with her at the Malfoy Manor.

Narcissa met him at her house on the next day. Phoenix told her everything he known by then and showed her his father's letter. Narcissa Malfoy was happy since now her last name was surely extant. She told him about their family heirlooms, the Black family tree tapestry, 12 Grimmauld Place and their pure blood beliefs. She also made him know that he was in fact , the true heir of the The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, but unfortunately, Sirius Black III left all of his belongings to his godson Harry Potter.

Days later, he went to the Administrative Registration Department to arrange his identity matters and for his surprise, there were records of the name "Phoenix Arcturus Black" signed and acknowledged by Regulus and Anna Black. The only change he made was calling himself Cassius instead of Phoenix.

No one knew about this change beside, Cassius's mother, Isobel MacDougal and Narcissa Malfoy, until one of the Administrative Registration Department's officers sold the story to the Daily Prophet, which was read by the public during the first week of May 1999. Cassius never knew who sold the story.

On the following year, Cassius and Isobel married after dating for almost 5 years. Together they had 3 children and all of them were sorted in Slytherin:

  1. Leo Arcturus Black(b. 2002),
  2. Cygnus Black IV(b. 2004)
  3. Denebola Black(b. 2005).

Also, during this year Phoenix began assisting the International Magical Trading Standards Body in the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

In 2007 he become a Wizengamot member and 3 years later he made an arrangement with Harry Potter: Vault 711 and all the gold in it will pass to Cassius ownership along with all of the Black family heirlooms, Kreacher will decide which of the 2 families he wanted to serve and 12 Grimmauld Place will remain as Potter's possesion. Cassius agreed and Kreacher chose the Potters.

He spent half of his inherited fortune investing. Cassius opened HOB Magical Investments, headquartered in Diagon Alley, which offered various financial services such as loans, shares purchasing and financial advising. He hired 2 goblins for working on his company. Some of his clients have been:

During his tenure as Wizengamot member, he introduced many reforms to be executed by the Ministry such as: the creation of an office or department in charge of organizing a taxation system and planning a budget; the improvement of the legislative process; and the extension of some of the Minister for Magic's powers and attributes to the Wizengamot, thus, diminishing the Ministry's absolutism.

In 2016, he resigned from his position as Head of the Hit Wizard Office and began leading the International Magical Trading Standards Body. After turning 45 years he is planning to head the Department of International Magical Cooperation and later on, just remain as Wizengamot member.

Physical appearance

Cassius resembles a lot like his father. He has black hair and grey eyes. Pale, tall and slim just as the rest of the Blacks, he sometimes is considered arrogant and cocky because of how he acts, walks and stare at people. This could mean, he has the same "aristocratic elegance" of the House of Black. His nose and lips are more like his mother's.

Personality and traits

Although he does not mean to be like that, he is somehow arrogant. He had not a lot of friends because he dedicated most of his time to study. Of a very conservative and traditional mind, Cassius had pure blood beliefs but he was not a supremacist. Like his mother, his way of thinking, concerning the blood status, is biased.

He married a pure-blood witch and expects his sons and daughter have pure-blood spouses, but moreover, he does not treat half-bloods and Muggle-borns wrongly and do not like to use the "Mudblood" expression. He doubts a little about the Squib's status because of Marius Black and the Thurkell brothers's cases. They were all born into pure blood families and they all have a pure blood lineage.

Magical abilities and skills

From a young age, Cassius was a talented wizard and possesed impressive magical abilities.

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