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[[File:35864 4d3263422c971.jpg|right|The best Harry Potter character that there is. Go Tonks! xxx]]
==About me==
==About me==

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About meEdit

Hello Harry Potter fans! It's so awesome to be a member of the Wiki dedicated to the BEST FRANCHISE EVER!!!

My page is named Number 1 Tonks Fan because I love Nymphadora Tonks more than the other characters. She's beautiful, funny, a powerful witch and her death hit me the hardest, making me cry for weeks. I support the idea that Tonks should have been a main character right from the beginning and should have been a potential mother (or aunt or big sister) figure to Harry.

I dedicate myself to giving as many characters in Harry Potter their moments in the sun, no matter who they are or what side their on. I shall leave no details unexplored!

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