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Mordakai Vael Aidan D'Alessio
Biographical information

February 24th (2002-2005) in Tengboche, Nepal

Blood status


Also known as
  • Monk
  • Eaglecrest
Physical information




Hair colour


Eye colour

Deep blue

Skin colour

Light tan

Family information
Family members
  • Saul D'Alessio (paternal ancestor)
  • Amanda D'Alessio née Blackbourne (wife)
  • Théoden D'Alessio (father)
  • Iris D'Alessio (mother)
  • Jonah D'Alessio (brother)
  • Jasmine D'Alessio (sister)
  • Lawrence Blackbourne (father-in-law)
  • Sarah Blackbourne née Ramsay (mother-in-law)
  • Julia Blackbourne (sister-in-law)
Magical characteristics

Philippine Eagle (unregistered)


Amanda's corpse


12 ¾” Rowan, Dragon Heartstring core. "Flexible" and perfect for healing spells


Snow Leopard


Professor and Auror


Ravenclaw House


"Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon."
— Mordakai D'Alessio

Mordakai Vael Aidan D'Alessio (b. February 24, 2002 - 2005) (d. July 31, 2126 - 2129) was a muggle-born wizard, often compared to the great Albus Dumbledore and sometimes even the younger Tom Marvolo Riddle. Son of Iris and Théoden D'Alessio, Mordakai was raised in Tengboche, Nepal and became aware of his magical powers at the age of seven. He was then invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to further educate himself within the arts of magic.

After years of education, both during his time in Hogwarts and post-Hogwarts, Mordakai became one of the most powerful wizards the world had ever seen. During his school years he also established a guild called the Shining Blade, which later became part of the Ministry of Magic, as a combination between Aurors and the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Furthermore he worked to become a splendid professor in the Care of Magical Creatures class at Hogwarts and was considered one of the finest professors to ever have walked the school's grounds.

After turning 124, and having lived a long and invaluable life, Mordakai passed away along with his beloved wife Althea. Together and simultaneously they entered the veil, and was forever memorized in the history of the wizarding world. During these 124 years he carried out many great achievements, such as being initiated into the Order of Merlin; first class, and together with only seven other wizards and witches, saving an African village from a lethal Nundu.

This that you are about to read is his story, his tale. This is his legend.


Early Life & Childhood

On the starry night of February 24, c. 2002 - 2005, Iris D'Alessio gave birth to a child in Tengboche, Nepal. Iris and her husband, Théoden, named the child Mordakai Vael Aidan D'Alessio, which was the first of three children. Mordakai was raised in the village, close to the famous Tengboche Monastery. He studied, and had fun, just as any other youngster. He was an immensely gifted child, but just a child nonetheless.

This interpretation of him was severely shattered on April 1, 2009 - 2011, when his mother accidentally slipped on an edge of the nearby mountain, Mount Everest, and fell into a certain death. The arrival of the Grim Reaper was however postponed thanks to the seven year old Mordakai, who unintentionally, non-verbally and wandlessly performed the astonishing incantation Aresto Momentum. As the frightened boy saw his beloved mother plunge from the cliff he, in an act of fear, panic, and especially love, accidentally used all of his, by then unfamiliar, powers to save his creator from entering the afterlife. Théoden and two of his friends discovered his dear family members a couple hours after the incident. They found Mordakai still passed out on the ground, but the position of Iris was a most peculiar one - She was floating in mid-air, motionless. Just as the time had stopped, right where she was situated.

"My life was coming to an end as I saw the ground approaching before my eyes. Then suddenly, everything became still. I was saved."
— Iris D'Alessio commenting her near-death experience, when the seven year old Mordakai performed the spell Aresto Momentum to save his mother from Death.

Mordakai was held responsible for this odd phenomenon and was sent to Tengboche Monastery's head master, Aro Volturi. He convinced the parents that he'd find out what was "wrong" with him. Though the answer to this question already laid within him...

Tengboche Monastery & Magic

Mordakai woke up four days after the odd happening, and was informed of the circumstances. He didn't remember the event, and was momentarily stunned after being enlightened about the occurrence. And Aro didn't make it easier for him - he told him of magic. It seemed as Aro was a powerful wizard and he proved it by showing some extraordinary spells to Mordakai. And then Aro whispered a sentence to Mordakai, a sentence that would rock the foundations of Mordakai's world. He said:

"I'm a wizard young Mordakai. And so are you."
— Aro

The chock lasted for two days. After recovering from the sudden news, Mordakai was taught the ways of magic from Aro, and was educated in so-called muggle subjects, or "non-magical beings'" subjects by the other monks residing in the monastery. He was also trained in a secret martial art, known only to the monks of Tengboche. This technique unifies all of the strengths within the greatest martial arts there is - All of their strengths. None of their weaknesses. The ultimate martial art.

While helping Mordakai on his new-found journey on becoming a powerful wizard, Aro found some interesting parchments about Mordakai's family lineage. The parchments read:

"The D'Alessio family, forged into the stones of history by the famous wizard Saul D'Alessio, have lived by our sides for over three hundred years and have made our world into a better place. But the majestic journey of this bloodline has met its possible demise, as the last known descendant, Caius D'Alessio, haven't been gifted with the powers of the gods. We can only hope that the sands of time will once again return magic to this wealthy and powerful kin that we have come to love."
— Simon de Montfort, 1304 BC.

Mordakai learned a bit of his past that day, and that he was the one to return the D'Alessio name to the wizardry world. He told his family about his powers, his ancestry and about magic. They responded very well on this, and was very proud of their oldest son and brother.

Time flew by, and on Mordakai's tenth birthday Aro brought him out of the monastery and together they visited his family. Aro explained to them that Mordakai would have to leave this land soon, for he was becoming superior to Aro himself in magic. Mordakai's new home would be Great Britain and his place of education would be Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And precisely a year later he did. But Aro couldn't let him off into an unknown world without any aid, and was therefore given three artifacts, and three new friends.

  • The Voice of Truth - A Harmonica, which combined with a great musician, can calm down both man and beast.
  • Tengboche's Power - A walking staff with tremendous features.
  • The Celestial Compass - A magical wristwrap with a set of different powers, such as acting as a gateway between the past and the present.
  • A Golden Snidget called Primordus.
  • A Griffin called Menzies.
  • An Erumpent called Dhuum.

Departure & Arrival

Aro sent Mordakai to an old friend of his, the headmaster of the forementioned school. Mordakai's belongings and familiars would be transferred separately and would be waiting for him at his arrival. He travelled with the Floo Network, from Aro's personal office to the place called Diagon Alley in London, England. There he met the headmaster and the gamekeeper of Hogwarts which where there to greet him and to help him purchase the necessary equipment required for school. The two employees took the eleven year old child to Gringotts Wizarding Bank to open an account for him. But while doing this they noticed that he already had a vault in his name. There also was a parchment that read:

"To the rightful owner of the D'Alessio wealth. Greetings great heir. We are the guardians of the D'Alessio prosperity, and we have been for more than seven hundred years. But a dear goblin friend of ours have assured us of the treasure's protection within the walls of his bank and we have therefore left it in his care. However, if the fortune should be mistreated or placed in the wrong hands, our ghosts will forever haunt the treasure's undeserving possessor."
— The Guardians
A goblin took the three momentarily companions and together they ventured into the bank's dungeons. During the journey the little goblin told the three others of the vault. It seemed that it was one of the heaviest guarded vaults in existence, and the mere thought of robbing it struck fear into the hearts of thieves and criminals. It's guarded by a Chimaera and a Manticore, and
Dwayna wand

Dwayna - Mordakai's wand.

is apparently also protected by the Geminio and Flagrante curses to assure utmost fortification. After entering the enchanted vault, getting past the two guardians, and removing the curses on the treasure, Mordakai finally saw this enormous prosperity that now belonged to him. He grabbed "enough" and the voyage back begun.

Back on the surface, the shopping was commenced. He bought the finest uniforms, books, cauldrons and more notably his wand. Purchased at Ollivander's Wand Shop it was the last of four wands tried on by Mordakai. This wand was in fact in the possession of Saul D'Alessio, and was placed at Ollivander's at his time of death. It was not like any other wand the world had ever seen, with its 12 ¾inches of excellent Rowan wand wood and a Dragon Heartstring core from a particularly strong and powerful Hungarian Horntail. The wand was known to be "flexible" and perfect for healing spells, and on it was also a single inscription reading the name of the wand - Dwayna.

Once the purchasing was over, Mordakai was sent to the Hogwarts Express the begin his journey towards the grand school of magic.

Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft

Rebel rising logo

The Shining Blade emblem, created by Mordakai D'Alessio.

Year I

Mordakai entered the train, and sat down in of the compartments. When the journey was about to start, and the train began to roll, the compartment was filled with him and five others. After a brief introduction, he had gotten to know them as the following: The humorous and friendly James Potter II, the lore enthusiast Abd al-Hazir, the wild and passionate Lynn Aiken, the water-loving and animal-friendly Erica Aalders, and the incredibly interesting and beautiful Althea Blackbourne. The six became friends immediately and Mordakai brought up the idea of creating a group resembling the one that James's grandfather, James Potter I, had had. He even had a name suggestion - The Shining Blade. The others greeted the suggestion with open arms, and made a promise to each other that whichever house they would end up in, the Shining Blade and its Rebels would still live on.

After arriving to Hogwarts, the sorting ceremony begun. First of the Rebels was Erica Aalders who was sorted into Gryffindor. Lynn Aiken was next, and her home became Slytherin. And such it was time for Mordakai to be selected a house. The Sorting Hat was placed onto his head and the sorting begun...

"Aha, finally! The return of the D'Alessio heir! The wizarding community have awaited your arrival for nearly seven hundred years, and now you sit beneath me... A mesmerizing feeling, mesmerizing indeed! Nevertheless, where shall I put you now? Slytherin perhaps? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? Or maybe Gryffindor? An undeniably difficult choice... But I think your home will be... Ravenclaw!"
— The Sorting Hat to Mordakai

Abd was also placed in Ravenclaw while James was sorted in Gryffindor together with Erica, and the Welcoming Feast commenced.

He took the core classes as everyone else during this year, but stood out from the rest for being amazingly gifted in all of the subjects. His magical familiars, Dhuum, Primordus, and Menzies, were kept of grounds in the Forbidden Forest, except for Primordus which he was allowed to have in school. Mordakai also arranged meetings with the Shining Blade and its Rebels, and had an amazing time with them. During these meetings, he fell in love with Althea Blackbourne, and the feelings were mutual. When this relationship was exposed to the students of Hogwarts the lot of the many girls became immensely jealous of Althea, since all of them had secret feelings for Mordakai (though mainly due to his incredible beauty).


Mordakai's favorite class, Care of Magical Creatures.

Year II

Mordakai's second year consisted of immense studying, hard magical training and more studying. The Shining Blade continued to meet, and his feelings for Althea grew even stronger. He was also given the option to carrying a broom on the grounds to train with. Since Mordakai was marvelously gifted on the broom he was accepted into the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and made the position of keeper. He was so good that Ravenclaw won the Quidditch Cup because of him.

He continued to top his classes, and by the end of the year he also got the alternative to choose new courses. He chose Study of Ancient Runes and the subject that would come to be his favorite one: Care of Magical Creatures.

Year III

While walking the mighty halls of Hogwarts in his third year Mordakai was happier than ever. Not only did he and Althea share a never-ending bond of love, but he also took the Care of Magical Creatures class. He was tremendously talented in all of the subjects, and was often compared to Albus Dumbledore and even the younger Tom Marvolo Riddle, but he had been truly gifted in the forementioned class. He was even superior to his teacher on several occasions. He also led the Ravenclaw Quidditch team to another victory in the Quidditch Cup and was promised a fantastic future in Quidditch should he continue with it.

The last thing of importance in his third year was that he introduced the skill Animagi to his fellow Rebels, and inspired them to start training so that one day they could use it to perfection. The Rebels welcomed the idea and began training immediately.

Year IV

This year was not much unlike his previous one. Though while pushing himself further and further within the arts of magic to develop his general powers and to be able to use Animagi he accidentally got injured and had to take a break from Quidditch. This unfortunately led to a second place in the Quidditch Cup that year. Instead Gryffindor won the cup, and Mordakai congratulated one of his best friends, James, for the win.

He maintained his splendid grades in every subject, though the professors had noticed that he was unusually tired. They assumed that this was because of his absence in Quidditch and the extra work for the upcoming O.W.L.s. This was partially right, but the main reason for his fatigue was that he kept pushing himself, harder and harder, on his goal to become a legendary wizard.

The Shining Blade had formed stronger bonds by the end of this year, as more couples had been formed. James Potter II and Erica Aalders now shared a strong connection of love, and so did Abd al-Hazir and Lynn Aiken. The Rebels felt love in the air.

Year V

The fifth year of education was a year of tremendous importance to Mordakai. He was announced both Prefect of Ravenclaw and Captain of Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He also sat the O.W.L.s, and the work he had endured to prepare seemed to pay off, seeing as "Outstanding" was the only word he saw after the correction of the tests.

After the O.W.L.s he received career counseling by the Head of Ravenclaw, but the counselor and Mordakai couldn't figure out which profession he desired, and was therefore advised to take all of his classes to N.E.W.T.-level, since he had gained "Outstanding" in all of his ten subjects. The three desired alternatives of occupations was Auror, Magizoologist and Professor in Care of Magical Creatures, but seeing as he did take all the classes to N.E.W.T.-level, he could easily choose later on in life as graduating with good grades in these classes would assure him of a trainee position in any of the mentioned professions.

The air of love was still very present in the Shining Blade, and by the end of the year all of the Rebels were able to transform into mighty beast, all having mastered the skill Animagi. Mordakai could alter into a Philippine Eagle whilst Althea could turn into a Gray Wolf. Abd was able to transform into a Polar Bear, whereas Lynn could become a White Tiger. James could become the very same thing as his grandfather could which was a Stag, and finally Erica who could turn herself into an Orca.

And as the new captain of Ravenclaw he led them to another victory of the Quidditch Cup now that his injury had healed.


The Shining Blade Animagi forms. From left to right: Mordakai the Philippine Eagle. Althea the Gray Wolf. Abd the Polar Bear. Lynn the White Tiger. James the Stag. Erica the Orca.

Year VI

As soon as the sixth year commenced, Mordakai began studying immediately, since he wanted to succeed on the N.E.W.T.-exams during his seventh and last year. As advised he took all of his former classes plus Apparition for a small fee, and though the difficulty had been raised Mordakai continued to excel in them.

And the Shining Blade had become a big part of the many discussions around Hogwarts, since they had saved a famous crafter goblin named Gwyn ap Nudd from a Dark Wizard and his Troll, during the summer break. The goblin showed his gratitude by bestowing each of the members of the sextet an artifact of his own creation. This faction was becoming a young elite group, similar to the Auror Office. Now Mordakai saw his chance - the Shining Blade would be is future profession, as a combination between the Auror Office and the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. As such all of his desired future occupations would become one. He developed the group, creating a credo to fulfill:

"Offer protection to the weak. Give solace and shelter to those who need it. Be ye a salve to the wounded."
— Shining Blade credo.

Unfortunately he wasn't able to lead his fellow to victory in the Quidditch Cup, and for the first time since he had acquired the keeper position, his team lost over sheer skill. They ended up in second place after the amazing effort of the Hufflepuff seeker who took them to the victory.

Year VII

Forbidden Forest GOF 1

The Forbidden Forest, home to Mordakai and Althea since their graduation.

The very last year of education on Hogwarts, and Mordakai studied intensely for the N.E.W.T.s. He managed these tests perfectly, and was again graded with "Outstanding" in every subject, securing his Auror trainee position as well as the further education he wanted to gain in Care of Magical Creatures.

He was also appointed Head Boy of Ravenclaw and won the Quidditch Cup with Ravenclaw for the very last time.

The Shining Blade and its Rebels continued to be an anti-dark wizard/dangerous beast guild, and the three pairs of love were incredibly successful, bringing several threats to justice.

Mordakai graduated with recommendation papers from every professor, and was predicted a legendary future by the true seer and one of his best friends, Abd al-Hazir.

At the end of this year he and Althea was also given permission to start building a residence in the Forbidden Forest and with the help of several friends this would be the best home in the world.

Later Life

Warinkryta noflash

The Shining Blade clothing.

Mordakai finished building his and Althea's home until it was exactly as the two wanted it to be. When done, it looked like a big castle-similar cottage, with passages going to different places scattered across the forest. One of these passages goes to a nearby cave where all of Mordakai's and Althea's pets reside. And inside the house lies everything Mordakai and Althea ever will need.

After the build Mordakai continued his training to become a more powerful wizard than the world had ever seen. He and his fellow Rebels all got accepted to trainee positions in the Auror Office, and after three incredibly hard and intensive years, the sextet completed the training and became fully licensed Aurors. But Mordakai wasn't pleased.. Even though he was one of the greatest Aurors to ever have lived, sometimes being compared to the great Alastor Moody, he was still dissatisfied. Therefore he went another direction, to pursue his interests in magical beasts. And such he joined the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and the Beast Division, where he was extremely successful too. After a year he had learned every known fact about all of the beasts and had been part of restraining and capturing many dangerous animals, such as an Acromantula, a Chimaera and several Dragons. But now he lacked the adventure and rush from capturing dangerous wizards.. Then it hit him! He remembered the idea he had acquired during his sixth year on Hogwarts - To combine the Auror and the Magizoologist within him. He convinced his fellow Rebels to join him, and the Shining Blade had become a professional bureau of witchcraft and wizardry. They created a new set of clothing, a new way of thinking and was also employed by the Ministry of Magic. The Shining Blade and its Rebels were only given the toughest and absolute hardest assignments.

Through the Shining Blade Mordakai was awarded the Order of Merlin; First class, for single-handedly rescuing a house of muggles on a Christmas Day from two rampaging Werewolves.

While continuing with heroism with his five friends, Mordakai was also invited to return to Hogwarts and teach Care of Magical Creatures to the students. This was an offer which he gladly accepted, and he came to be one of the finest professors Hogwarts had ever seen. He was unfortunately forced to skip certain lessons, since the Shining Blade was priority number one.

Physical Description

As a descendant from two Caucasian muggles, Mordakai had acquired the appearance of a god. The lot of both younger and older girls and women have always lusted after him, and with his blond hair, six foot two inches, deep blue eyes, and a very muscular body, he had been described as the perfection of beauty. A famous wizarding paper once said that he looked like "Zeus's younger, better-looking brother."

Mordakai is also quite renowned for his great choice of clothing. He dresses in tough, elegant, and modern clothes and is considered one of Britain's best-dressed.

Personality & Traits

Hogwarts houses

Mordakai's personality - A mix between the four houses of Hogwarts.

Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat.

The Sorting Hat: "Ah, young Mr. D'Alessio, we meet again! I see that you wonder why I put you in Ravenclaw, am I right?"
Mordakai: "Yes, in fact you are. Would you please explain why?"
The Sorting Hat: "Well, that seems to be the least I can do. Within you lies scores of different traits - the four that stood out the most were your heroism, your loyalty, your wit, and last your ambition. Seeing as these four are some of the major characteristics in the four houses, this made an extremely difficult choice. But there was one last trait of superb importance - your love. It came down to Slytherin or Ravenclaw, and since you are a muggle-born, which isn't very admired in Slytherin your house became the one of Rowena Ravenclaw. And that's why you were sorted into Ravenclaw."
— The Sorting Hat and Mordakai upon their second encounter.

Upon meeting Mordakai under professional and occupational circumstances, one might think of him as a heroic adventurer. A paragonian leader, and a beacon of light whenever darkness draw near. A man of bravery, but also of incredible wit and intelligence. A master tactician and a fierce wizard. But there is so much more of him - he's a friendly, loyal and above all loving person. He's really fun, and a bit weird, at least according to his wife.

He doesn't hold any prejudice against any living creature, and isn't judgmental at all, but once one has left a mark with him it is not easy to change it.

As a young child, Mordakai was extremely curious and willing to learn more and more. This often lead to him being yelled at and sometimes more. He's a hard-working fellow, and possesses a huge amount of logic; sometimes solely depending on it to solve mysteries. But at the same time he's open-minded about several things.

He is however not always an ideal person, since he has got a certain disregard for rules and was during his childhood a bit mischievous and trouble-making, much like his friend James.

He's determined, never backing down on an argument of his until proven wrong, and he can at times be a bit stubborn. During his first year on Hogwarts he was also bullied by some because his blood purity, but by discussing and casting a few spells he convinced even some pure-bloods to never bully another muggle-born. He had an amazing gift in his voice, often using it to persuade and convince others to his cause and a professor once stated that he could have become a great Minister of Magic. He has also been known for being very charming and very easy to like.

He has got a creative mind, being very fond of both drawing and music, and is able to think outside of the box and thinking of new adaptive ideas.

But again, it is his immense capacity of love that overcomes all of his other attributes. If given the chance of sacrificing himself for his loved ones, he wouldn't hesitate a second and immediately defend them with his life.

Mordakai D'Alessio - the Paragon of Love.

Magical Abilities & Skills

"Mordakai D'Alessio - A whirlwind of protection and destruction."
— Description of Mordakai's magical powers.
  • Wandless/Non-verbal magic: After producing the Aresto Momentum spell both wandlessly and non-verbally as a child, Mordakai has mastered the techniques, being able to summon extraordinary incantations without saying a word and/or without having a wand equipped.
  • Master duelist: Mordakai is an exceptionally skilled duelist and has been given the title Duelist Champion.
  • Legilimency/Occlumency: Even as a young child Mordakai was able to see into the minds of others, and as an adult he was trained in this art. He quickly mastered both the skill of legilimency and occlumency.
  • Apparition expert: "Perfect" was the only word said to Mordakai after his first attempt to apparate. He has become a master of apparition and disapparition since that very day.
  • Unforgivable curses: As a former Auror Mordakai has been trained in the three unforgivable curses and is able to use them to perfection, but he sees them as a last resort to any battle and tries to defeat his foes with other ways of magic first.
  • Animagus transformation: After learning of Animagi Mordakai was determined to gain this aptitude, and along with his five friends he did, and was able to become a mighty Philippine Eagle.
  • Patronus mastery: Wanting to be able to fight of and defend himself from diverse foes, Mordakai learned to perfect the Patronus Charm. His patronus took the form of a Snow Leopard and was a full corporeal and message-sending-able patronus.
  • Healing master: As a child Mordakai took a great interest in healing spells and protection spells and these became his signature spells as an adult. After years of practice he is even more qualified than any Healer and Mediwizard, and is able to perfectly use every single healing spell there is.
  • Master potioneer: His ability in potion making is of extraordinary levels, seeing as he is capable of brewing extremely complicated potions, such as his favorite one - Felix Felicis.
  • Quidditch player: Ever since Mordakai's first ride on a broom he was shown to have a remarkable talent in the sport. Taking on the position of the keeper he became part of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team during his second year. Thanks to his epic physical and acrobatic qualities (which he acquired in Tengboche) he did things with/on the broom that was well beyond world class.
  • Flight: Mordakai is one of the few wizards powerful enough to defy gravity and fly without the use of a broom.
  • Tactical mastermind: While he was trained in martial arts by the monks of Tengboche, the residents there also taught him everything there is to know about tactics and martial warfare.

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