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My parents are Arcturus Prewett and Esther Dufort. My father is son of Ignatius Prewett and Lucretia Black. My mother is a Muggle. She is French, and lived in Bordeaux until college, when she moved to England to study at Oxford. There she met my dad, who lived in the area, and they fell in love almost instantly. When he married my mother, Walburga, his aunt, removed him from the Black family tree. I grew up in a small town by Cambridge, and every summer I would visit my cousins, the Weasleys. I became very good friends with Ginny, who was two years older than me. When I was 8, my dad, a Quittitch player for the England team, died from a Bludger injury. After that, my mom and I moved to Strasbourg, France, and during the 3 years I lived there I lost contact with my friends and relatives in England. At age 11, I received a letter from Hogwarts, saying that as all my wizard relatives are British, I could attend school in Hogwarts rather than France. I immediately chose to go to Hogwarts, the school that I had heard so many great things about, and a few days before September 1st, I took the plane to London. At Hogwarts, I was sorted into Ravenclaw. I did well in all my classes, and my friends said I was the best in the grade. Some people, not only in Ravenclaw but in all the Houses, said I was “the French Hermione Granger.” That is when I got the nickname Mlle Hermione (Mlle meaning Miss in French). The year I started school was also the year of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I became good friends with Gabrielle Delacour, sister of Fleur Delacour, Tri-Wizard Tournament contestant. Finally, I heard a lot of rumors about Harry Potter throughout the year, especially from Rita Skeeter’s articles, and (I am not proud of this) I was prepared to think he was lying when at the end of the Tournament he claimed that Lord Voldemort had returned. When Dumbledore supported Harry, I was shaken because Dumbledore had always inspired my trust. I began to believe. Unfortunately, after a summer away from the magical world, with the whole school saying Harry Potter lied, I questioned whether or not to believe him. After a few months, I went to my cousin Ginny and asked her opinion on the matter. She told me all about Harry, and before long I was convinced. However, by the time I had switched sides, the D.A. had been stopped. My third year was fairly uneventful. I took Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, and Divination. Professor Hagrid taught me Care of Magical Creatures, and he soon became my favorite teacher. I had heard some very bad things about his teaching, but he made a real effort to do a good job, and I learned a lot from him. At the end of the year, I was devastated about Dumbledore’s death. Though the Headmaster had never actually spoken to me, when he looked at me I got a feeling that he knew all my problems and was there if I needed him. His presence in the school had helped me survive Umbridge and feel safe even with the treat of Voldemort. My fourth year at Hogwarts was my worst, which is saying a lot, considering how miserable I was with Umbridge. The Carrows kept picking on me, and I was on the verge of asking my mom to remove me from Hogwarts when Neville came up to me. He told me about the Room of Rquirement, and how it was being used as a mini-anti-Voldemort movement. I joined, and I stood by Neville, Ginny and the others in all their efforts to resist. I was the youngest to do so, and my classmates couldn’t understand my behavior. All the teachers who were against Snape and the Carrows, however, seemed to give me an easier time, and they often gave me higher grades than I deserved or were more lenient toward me. During the Battle of Hogwarts, I wanted to stay and fight, but Neville and Professor Flitwick wouldn’t let me. Instead, I was to look after all the younger children and keep them safe. This mission I fulfilled with the help of three friends. I finished my Hogwarts years calmly, attaining OWLs in all my classes and continuing with many of them at NEWT level. Once I graduated, I married Dean Thomas (my mother approved of him thanks to his Muggle relations). He became editor of the Daily Prophet, and from the day he took his job onward, the Prophet got a new reputation, one of telling the truth at all times. I, on the other hand, taught Ancient Runes at Hogwarts and started a tutoring program for students with difficulty in any class. Every year, I do a program at Hogwarts on the Second Wizarding War, its effects, and those involved. Some years, Harry Potter even comes along to give a talk about his accomplishments in it.


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