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  • I live in Spinner's End
  • My occupation is Most powerful Wizard in Magical History
  • I am Male
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The Rise of Matthew Fields

I am Matthew Fields. Born to a witch and a muggle, I was disappointed to see that we were blood related, what I descended from. Once a student at Hogwarts, placed in Slytherin, I was tremendously gifted in the magical arts, though I found that I was even more gifted in another particular art. The Dark Arts. In my sixth year I was introduced to the dark arts after reading a book that is said to contain information on the darkest magic called Secrets of the Darkest Art. I studied the contents and eventually became obsessed with what it told me. During the Christmas holiday of 1960 I seeked out after my Muggle Father in dark town of Australia where I killed him and completed the ritual. I returned to Hogwarts and finished my school years in 1961.

After finishing school I gained two part time jobs in Diagon Alley at Gringotts Wizarding Bank and Quality Quidditch Supplies. In the Gringotts break-in of 1991 I helped Quirrell and before he escaped I managed to infiltrate a high security vault that was never spoken of, that was kept secret due to the contents held inside of it. Inside was a wand, but no ordinary wand. It is a top secret wand created by an unkown individual that was said to be more powerful than the Elder Wand. It's properties: Yew, Basilisk Fang. It was kept a secret since Basilisk Fang is classified as possibly the most powerful and rarest core in magical history due to its properties.

Basilisk Fang is a very dark and influential core that has a strong power to control. It is said to bond only to a Parselmouth and will overpower every known wand to the point of destruction. Dark magic only comes out of this wand and it is not one to cross.

I took this wand from the vault and kept it for my own. After the break-in I quit my job at Gringotts to escape suspicion saying that it is not a secure working envirionment. While I was still working at Quality Quidditch supplies I stole one of the Firebolts from the store temporarily and replicated it's properties into me allowing me to fly, before the boss could notice I placed it back on the display shelf. Having done what I planned I also quit my job at Quality Quidditch Supplies and returened to my home at Spinner's End. A number of years passed experimenting with the dark arts and I had finally created a spell. This spell I created was very dark and dangerous indeed that the one placed upon it would slowly and painfully separate with their body leaving them to die as only a soul.

One night in the summer of 1995 while in a pub, I overheard a group of men discussing Voldemort's rebirth and how he was to be once and for all, killed. Sitting there, overhearing their discussion, I thought I had the answer, my wand. I returned home and thought about my decision to trail after Voldemort and kill him. I told myself yes, but thinking about Voldemort and how he has never been purely defeated and how he has morphed the way he has, I had a certain feeling that he had known my well kept secret; Horcrux's. From what I studied about Horcrux's, I thought that his Horcrux would be something special to him, a monument, a memory. I decided to visit Hogwarts since it was the home of Voldemort growing up and to pretend I was seeing an old friend, Dumbledore. The next day I ventured to the ancient school that is Hogwarts and was greeted by Albus as an old friend. We discussed Voldemort's return and I asked him a few questions, one of which asked him to reveal Tom's most treasured possessions as a student. He gave me no help in answering my questions, although he did mention that Tom was a very intelligent, and that he was very involved in school activities a taking leading roles. Then it hit me. A badge. What more would you receive from leadership roles than a Badge. I was almost certain. I asked Albus if there was any place that was special to him, where he once lived, or where he loved to be. Immediately he replied with House of Gaunt. He told me all about it, how his family was killed there, and how Morfin was framed for the murder's, but I had another theory of how and why they were murdered.

After the visit to Hogwarts I returned home and had a desire to journey to the House of Gaunt to find and destroy the badge. Weeks of planning and finding the location, I felt I was ready to venture to the House of Gaunt.

Next morning I began my journey by apparating and then by flying incase of protective enchantments. I arrived around a hundred meters away from the house and began to fly towards the house. Before I reached the house I was knocked out of my flying state and fell to the ground. When I landed the ground and all the plants were clawing at me trying to restrain me to the ground. Crawling on the ground I could see my prized wand only inches away. Digging my finger's into the ground, giving all my effort to reach, I snatched at my wand, turned around and yelled Fiendfyre!!. Arose from my wand was a gigantic snake that started to burn out all the living plants around the house, and it did within minutes. Now with nothing to attack me I walked inside the house. It was pitch black and was left in a preserved state. While creeping into the dining room I stepped onto the rug and fell through the floor and landed in water. Underneath the house was a large lake of this dark, black water. I looked under the water and Inferi by the hundreds were rising so I summoned my Fiendfyre guardian to repel them. As I did so, at the bottom of the lake, I could see it, the badge, glittering under the burning light on my fiendfyre. With my guardian defending me, I swam as quickly as possible to the bottom to retrieve it. The closer I got to it, my guardian seemed to be dying, and when I took the badge, it did, leaving me to take on 100+ inferi by myself. I cast Aqua Eructo to push them back but it was not restraining them, they were still coming closer. I conjured a wall of fire around me to stall, but I was rapidly running out of breath. Ascendio. I shot up out of the lake and back into the House of Gaunt. Running away from the house , running to get outside the enchantments I wasn't paying attention and dropped the badge near the front door of the house. With the Inferi closing in on the ring, It all hit me. My wand. The core is made of Basilisk Fang, which is retrieved from a Basilisk, that has the ability to destroy horcruxes!! Immediately I cast Avada Kedavra and a jet of rushing green light directly hit the badge. The badge blew up causing the house to explode along with all the inferi, and now, its over. With the enchantments destroyed, I disapparated back to my home and treated myself with some bandages and a nice Butterbeer.

The next day I began to try to find out where Voldemort was hiding. After years of searching, I was asked by a brother, Aberforth, to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts. I accepted and found out about the plot to kill Voldemort. Keeping that horcrux a secret, I let harry continue to find and destroy the horcruxes since he was the one to put an end to Voldemort. During the battle, right in front of me, was the final standoff between Harry and Voldemort. With Harry victorious and Voldemort dead, my goal is complete.

I continue to live in my home at Spinner's End, with the High security wand in my possession. Though I fought for Hogwarts in the Battle, I still live in my Dark day's experimenting, with objects and Wizards, planning my rise to power.

Matthew Fields

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Patronus: Phoenix

Wand Properties: Wood: Yew

Core: Basilisk Fang

Length: 13.5 Inches

Animagus: Wolf

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Jöb History: Gringotts High Security Guard, Quality Quidditch Supplies Shop Assisstant

Favorite Spells

  • Firestorm
  • Avada Kedavra
  • Fiendfyre
  • Sectumsempra
  • Stupefy
  • Aqua Eructo
  • Expecto Patronum
  • Legilimens
  • Protego Totallum
  • Protego Maxima
  • Fidelius Charm
  • Protego Horribilis
  • Fianto Duri
  • Repello Inimigotum
  • Thief's Downfall


  • I am here, but I am not
  • I am your need, but not your want
  • I will always serve, but I'm not a servant
  • Hard to find yet I am
  • I always lend a helping hand


  • One of four who only saw
  • That none so pure will hope to endure
  • With secrets of the underground
  • That only one is said to found
  • My day of reckoning will arrive
  • And all will see my wrath inside


  • My name consists of one I've conquered
  • One who's presence I've always blundered
  • My mighty power is of great game
  • Though in the wrong hands will give them shame
  • Connected with the living dead
  • You cannot hope to pass despair
  • If you wish to hide
  • Then come inside
  • But seek us if you can

Favorite Magical Items

  • Invisibility Cloak
  • The Marauder's Map
  • Horcrux
  • Two-way Mirror
  • Draught of Living Death
  • Felix Felicis
  • Polyjuice Potion
  • Veritaserum
  • Pensieve
  • Firebolt
  • Vanishing Cabinet
  • Gubraithian Fire
  • My High Security Wand

Favorite Character's

  • Tom Riddle
  • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Severus Snape
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Hermione Granger

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