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July 24, 2012

Hi! My name is Moony, nicknamed this because of my friends; i have an uncannily look-a-likeness and even the personality of Remus J Lupin.

Let's start at the beginning. I'm one hell of a Potterhead, having read all the books and watched all the films at least seven times in my life. I don't know if you can comment on this, but if so, has anyone tried butterbeer? You make it by filling the bottom of glass with toffee/butterscotch syrup/ice cream topping, adding one (Fairly huge) teaspoon of butter and melting in the microwave for 1min 30sec, then stir the mixture topping it up with cream soda. Yum! Honestly, it's so refreshing and sweet, I thought it was the nicest thing I'd ever tasted! Also, I play the piano and bass, my finger span on the piano is (with both hands) 19 notes. Rachmaninoff could stretch 24, so that's my goal, even though I'm probably going to break my fingers trying. I play both instruments by ear, picking out and identifying each note. I recently learned how to play all the harry potter songs and 'kick it up a notch' from Starkid's 'Sharship' production (I was so chuffed). The first muse song I learnt on piano was 'butterflies and hurricanes', and the first for bass was 'Time is running out.' (Piano) I'm going to be grade 8 by the time I'm 15, technically, because I'm doing two grades each year. So that's four exams each year. (I'm quite a busy person.)

Do you also know that you can actually play Quidditch? Read my article on Quidditch to find out more!

- Moony x

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