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Lynnette Duvall


Lynnette Bloom

Lynnette Duvall (née Bloom)
Biographical information
Born 12 April
Blood status Half-blood
Also known as Nettie
Title(s) American National Quidditch Team Healer
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Light Brown
Skin colour Light Olive
Family information
Family members
  • Roland Bloom(father)
  • Elveira Elkins (mother)
  • Vana Weasley (sister)
  • Troy Duvall (husband)
  • Hayden Duvall (son)
  • Loren Duvall (daughter)
  • Mr. Duvall (father in-law)
  • Mrs. Duvall (mother-in-law)
Magical characteristics
Wand 9" Oak Unicorn
Patronus Rabbit
Occupation Healer for the American National Quiddtich Team
House Ravenclaw (when attended)
Loyalty *Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Lynnette Duvall (née Bloom) was a witch born to Muggle Law Enforcer Roland Bloom and witch Elveira Elkins and younger sister to British Auror, Vana Weasley .Lynnette was three years her older sisters junior. When Vana received her letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1990 she was very jealous and begged her mother to let her go as well. On Vana's first day at Hogwarts, Lynnette and their mother Elveira brought her to Platform 9 & 3/4 and watched her leave on the Hogwarts Express. In 1993 Lynnette received her letter to Hogwarts and along with her sister Vana, boarded the Hogwarts Express for the very first time.

Education at Hogwarts

In sister Vana's fourth year at Hogwarts, Lynnette finally got to go on the Hogwarts Express with her sister. The sorting hat placed her in Ravenclaw House--despite not liking it at first, being in a separate house than her sister--Lynnette began adjusting to her new life. During her first year, she did not have many friends due to her intense concentration on classes and homework, and not being able to hang with her sister as much due to their classes and age difference. Lonely, Lynnette did find a friend in fellow Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood who was also an outcast. there was never much conversation between the two, just an understanding that they were friends and would be there for one another. Her sister Vana began to notice the withdrawal of joy her sister was having and, with the help of Fred and George Weasley, decided to brighten her sister's mood by having an owl deliver candy in a can with a note attached saying "To Lynnette, the smartest and prettiest girl I know. For you may not know who I am, but I announce out loud 'Lynnette I will forever be your secret' Love, an Admirer". As planned all of the Ravenclaws and even other houses' first years got jealous and began to give Lynnette attention and befriend her. In Lynnette's second year the Triwizard Tournament was occurring at Hogwarts. Eager to assist, her main focus was medical remedies--and though she was only a second year Professor Flitwick recommended she assist the medical squad for any injuries occurring during the tournament. Even with the excitement of the tournament Lynnette did not get to see much of her sister becasue she was training secretly with AurorNymphadora Tonks. When Cedric Diggory was killed in the third task of the tournament, Lynnette was shaken. She screamed for her sister awhile everyone was in panic. Vana ran for her sister and held her as the horror laid before everyone. The famous Harry Potter said Cedric was killed by the evil Lord Voldemort. While many were skeptical, Lynnette's sister Vana was convinced Harry was right. That sunner Lynnette asked to be transfered from Hogwarts, away from all the evil about to ensue she wanted to go to [[ United States of America --though still a target for the Dark Lord, but a safer location. With approval from her Muggle father and witch mother and her Auror in training sister, Lynnette packed up and went to Salem, Massachusetts to attend Salem Witches Institute.

Salem Witches' Institute

Beginning as a transfer in her third year at the school, Lynnette found it difficult to fit in. The one thing that made Lynnette feel at home was watching Quidditch though never even really a huge sports fan. A very talented witch, Lynnette could perform many charms and spells other witches in her level could not. With this bringing more reason to be a target at an all woman's institute, Lynnette began to focus her time on her possibilities as a career oriented witch. She started to help out in the Hospital Wing learning new charms to help the wounded and began to understand how to conjure potions to heal bones and limbs. As an older witch Lynnette was allowed to go out on Saturdays either alone or with other young witches. Lynnette decided to go to the Wizards Coliseum and watch the American National Quidditch team practice. After sitting and observing for some time Beater Troy "Tank" Duvall caught notice of her and
American National Quidditch team

Troy's Quidditich Team

distracted by her beauty, crashed into the hoop and collapsed to the ground. The practice was halted and the trainer happened to not be in to help Troy. Lynnette approached the field and told the coach though she was young and not a professional, she may know how she could help Troy if they let her. The coach allowed Lynnette to help Troy, and with a few simple healing charms Troy recovered. Revived, he looked into Lynnette's eyes and told her I would love to know the name of my future wife.

Leaving Salem to fight at the Battle of Hogwarts

My sister says the days and nights have both the same sky, and the cold air never leaves.

In the spring of 1997 Lynnette received a very disturbing letter from her sister Vana. It told her of the darkness that covered not only the Wizard World but the Muggle World as well. It told of the battle that was about to take flight and the dangers brewing ahead. Vana told Lynnette she needed her more than ever, and sent her a coin. The coin was an alarm that would signal when the war broke out. Vana told Lynnette that even though she was only 16 she needed her healing abilities in the battle. She told Lynnette oh her brother-in-law losing his ear and it unable to be cured due to its dark magic and that her abilities could help against the evils of dark magic. After discussion with current boyfriend Troy, Lynnette decided to leave Salem when the coin went off and she and Troy would help fight in the . On 2 the coin went off, and Troy he and Lynnette to the location of where Vana had instructed them to go. Along with Vana, her husband , his twin brother George, , , and Fred and George's newly reformed brother headed to Hogwarts to control and organize the defense of the entrances and passageways into the school. As the silence was still, everyone knew the was brewing. Lynnette grabbed Troy's hand and as she did Death Eaters began to fly around the passage trying to break though. Around ten Death Eaters began attacking Lynnette and Troy alone. Lynnette was struck with an unknown full body curse and screamed as she was struck. Her sister Vana ran to the aide of now one versus ten when suddenly an explosion erupted in one of the tunnels. Startled the Death Eaters fled the scene, Troy hopped on his broom, which he was extremely skilled at and chased after them. Lynnette saw her sister and George run to the tunnel and head them both scream. Vana's husband Fred had been killed. Vana asked Lynnette and fellow defender Lee Jordan to take Fred's body and hide it in the cracks of the walls so no Death Eater could harm it. Vana left after an enraged George, and Lynnette quickly tended to Percy who was injured from the blast. Lee Jordan and Oliver Wood managed to hold down most of the passageways when Troy rushed back announcing the battle had been put on temporary halt in the wait for Harry Potter to turn himself in. Troy helped Percy back into the Great Hall, while Lee and Lynnette carried Fred's corpse to the hall to be reunited with Vana and George. When Lynnette reached the , or what was left of it, she saw many injured bodies and got right to work helping and healing the wounded. When Harry Potter was brought back "dead" by Hagrid, Troy ran over to Lynnette to hold her, knowing an uproar was about to ensue, and it did. Lynnette's sister Vana was being tortured by Death Eater for so long it seemed the only thing next was death. Lynnette went to attack Bellatrix but was knocked away by Voldemort, and retrieved by Troy and dragged to the side. After Vana's release, Bellatrix was killed, along with all the other Death Eaters either dead or defeated. The Great began and ended almost at the same time as Voldemort struck himself with the a ending the war once and for all.

The Aftermath and Later Life

After the war ended, Lynnette's sister had not only lost her husband but her best friend and mentor along with many other dear friends. Lynnette comforted her sister at the celebration but Vana and George left early on unable to find any joy in the events. Lynnette and Troy soon returned the America after the war. Lynnette graduated in 2000 from Salem Institute of Witches and that year married Troy who was thirteen years her senior. Lynnette then became the American National Quidditich Team's Professional Healer and Trainer and traveled around the world with them, giving Lynnette times to see and visit her forever scarred sister when she could. Lynnette and Troy had two children Hayden born in 2001 and Loren born in 2004. They currently reside in Massachusetts, United States.

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