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Little Sparrow
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This is Little Sparrow's Fanfic, Don't Read Unless You've Read HP and the DH

[Nineteen Years Go By]


This page is the User Page of Little Sparrow. If you were looking for something else I suggest you press the back button now, or read down and find out something interesting about her. Please note that due to confidential reasons her real name will not be disclosed.

Little Sparrow is good enough for you anyway. If you can't be bothered to write Little Sparrow then LS will be sufficient.

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Harry Potter Littlesparrow loves the Harry Potter series.

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Littlesparrow's Personal Views

  • Little Sparrow is fascinated by Harry's children, and Ron's, and that's why she loves reading up on them. She would just like to say though, "I think Ron and Hermione could have come up with a better name than Hugo." That's all. She says Rose is such a pretty name and it explains a lot about her (rose red hair etc.) Lily and James are self explanatory, though she still can't see why they were both named after people close to Harry rather than Ginny. And Albus Severus, well, she just can't imagine why on earth Harry would name him after two old men. He'd hated Snape all his life, Snape hated him and wasn't trying to save him for him, he was doing it for the love of his life, Lily.
  • Little Sparrow likes music such as Aiden, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, McFly and Kaiser Chiefs. She is completely against rap and you will never tempt her with your 50 Cent and other hiphop calamities. Little Sparrow enjoys the emo scene, though she swears she is not an emo and just loves the music.
  • Her clothes tastes consist of short skirts, T-Shirts, skinny jeans and long earrings as well as shoes that don't need socks because they're a pain to get on. For athletics, which she does a lot, she wears lycra three-quarters and a T-Shirt, though for competitions this is replaced by her team vest, which is yellow and black.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is her favourite book. She finished it in a personal record for Harry Potter of 6 hours and is currently working tirelessly on her version of the children of Harry Potter, see introduction for link.
  • Favourite movie so far? "To be honest, they're getting worse and leaving too much out. Order of Phoenix disappointed me so much, I much preferred the Chamber of Secrets."
  • Oh, and by the way, please be nice and don't edit her page.

Brief Biography

Little Sparrow came into the world in the year of 1995, the same year that Lord Voldemort was "resurrected" and Cedric Diggory met his death. She was born very close to the date of the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, during which Harry performed his "famous" heroic antics and ended up being the last one up, Gabrielle Delacour and Ron in tow.

At the age of four LS was forced out of her natural habitat to live in China for a year where she learned to speak Chinese fairly fluently and went to school like a normal Chinese child. She returned to England in 2000, the famous millenium year, where she joined the local infants school and spread out acros the local park with other schools forming the number 2000. She can stil remember dancing with her best friend at the time.

Later Little Sparrow decided to take the big leap (flight) from comfy infant school to less comfy junior school, where she faced new challenges as a Year 3. She grew to have the company of two boys as her friends, though she also had many others. Into Year 5 she had the worst teacher in the world but in Year 6 her teacher was a lot better and she formed a close friendship with her now best friends.

LS made the next big step from less comfy junior school to senior school after passing the Kent Test and going on to a girls' grammar school. For those out of county, this means she was a clever girl and was lucky enough to go to a school for other clever girls.

Her first year in senior school was pleasant, she was one of the cleverer in her class and made more lovely friends. She is now looking forward to her second year, and in 2008 she will be 13.

Name Etymology

Little Sparrow was named so ironically. LS is actually the third tallest in her class and so the "Little" was tagged on. It also made it sound like an American Indian name (Young Bear, Tall Eagle etc.). LS likes sparrows, being her favourite bird next to falcons, and she also carried on the "little" tradition, sparrows being quite small.

LS is not her initials, in case you were wondering. In fact, her real name means "pure," which is laughable considering the person. She uses the screen names:

  • Individual123
  • Tannyra
  • Caitlin Frances -x (a made-up name for her fanfics)
  • Tanyarina

and more that she can't remember. Little Sparrow likes being individual, and the 123 finishes it off nicely (also lots of people have that kind of name). Tannyra was actually invented after Tanyarina. Tanyarina was a compensation for Tanya, a name that had already been taken. And her name is not Tanya if you were wondering. Tannyra is simply a spelling mistake of Tanyra (short for Tanyarina.)


LS has many hobbies. Lots of small hobbies include swimming, drawing and shopping.


Athletics is one of Little Sparrow's main hobbies. She runs for a local club and has also run for her district and came third in the standing long jump at the regionals with a jump of 2.18m. LS is very proud of this jump as it was on her birthday as well. The Kent team also bought her some chocolates and a birthday card for the day.

LS started quite recently, she has been going for about a year now. She trains with some very funny people as well as some very fast people who she believes will go to the olympics. She hates wearing athletic vests though because she doesn't like her shoulders, which have gotten big from swimming.


LS likes writing stories, she does it a lot in her spare time. In fact, the only reason she's written this far in her profile page is because she loves writing. She has authored several unpublished books while she was younger. It's no wonder they were unpublished though, seeing as she was about 8 at the time. She likes to run wild with her imagination, though she likes facts as well, though she can't play with them so much.

Her favourite type of fanfiction is Harry Potter. She is writing her own version of the epilogue, when Albus goes to Hogwarts for the first time. She acknowledges that it will never live up to the standards of the original books but she still ploughs on in the hope that some people will enjoy her hard work.

It is her dream to become a successful author like JK Rowling. One day she will write a whole book. She nearly always writes magic and fantasy based books because she says, "I'd much rather make something up out of the top of my head than follow the rules."


LS mainly edits in the small annoying way that she does; adding the smallest bit of information or, more likely, correcting a spelling or grammatical error. She hopes to add a large chunk of writing herself one day, maybe to do with the youngest generation, though where she is going to get the information she doesn't know.

Little Sparrow also likes editing the pages of the Potters, that is Harry, Ginny and the children. They are, after all, her favourite characters. When using information, LS takes it out of the books rather than the films.

Finally, Little Sparrow would like to remind everyone that it would be most courteous not to edit her page because this is also acting as a sandbox for her to test formatting.

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