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Lily Evans Daughter/Kathryn
Biographical information

February 4, 1995 (DH age 13)


Sometime in the Future

Blood status


Also known as




Physical information


Hair colour

Honey Blonde

Eye colour


Family information
Family members

Jeanie (mother)
Rob (father)
Liza (sister)
Emily (dog)
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Magical characteristics





Willow Wood, Unicorn Hair, 22 inches




Writer: The Daily Prophet]]

"I let you sleep in my bed!"
—Ron talking to Pettigrew[src]

Wotcher! The name is really Kathryn. Don't spell my name wrong, you'll regret it. While Lily Evan's truly didn't have a daughter, if she did, it would be me. I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world. I know a lot of people say that they are, and it sounds ridiculous. If I were the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world, I would be a lot more obsessed and my house would be decked out with Harry Potter stuff and I probably would be entering every contest in the world to win a chance to meet J.K. Rowling., I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world, but let me tell you, I am quite obsessed. :)



Kathryn was born on a very chilly morning on February 4th, 1995, which was a Saturday. At the time, her parents were in their 30's and lived in a pale yellow house, which could be described as a simple and good starter home from the front. Her father took her home from the Hospital, where their pet bird, Cinnamon (aka Squawk Head) was waiting to greet them. The pale yellow house was haunted by a small little girl and her parents. The only time a haunting occurred was during the time that Kathryn's father was still single and unmarried. The ghosts did not contact him, and he did not see them. He heard the little girl's voice call out "Daddy! Look at the picture I drew!" and felt a breeze whizz past him. A motherly feeling also came over him for a few seconds, and then the moment passed. There has not been any hauntings since. Kathryn and her parents lived in the pale yellow house until 1996, when they moved to a much nicer neighborhood into a large 2 story home with lots of trees and good sized yard. They have lived there since. Kathryn was a curious child, and was also dubbed Spew Queen by her father, as she tended to spew a lot as a baby. Her mother worked in the daytime while her father stayed home with Kathryn as a Stay-At-Home Father. Kathryn loved to explore and enjoyed the outdoors greatly. Her and her father would often take bike rides-resulting in Kathryn learning to ride a 2-Wheeler by the age of 3.


Kathryn lives in the same home with her parents and smaller sibling Liza. They have a border collie named Emily and a rabbit named Boo Boo. She and her sister attend a small local school and are good friends with neighbors living across the street.

Physical Description

Kathryn is natrually skinny and has inherited her father's height. She stands over 5 and a half feet.

Personality and Traits

Kathryn has honey blonde hair that is crazily layered and soft, green eyes. She has inherited her father's artistic ability and enjoys drawing and writing stories greatly. She enjoys traveling and find airports to be oddly thrilling. Kathryn enjoys nothing more than being crazy with her equally crazy friends and can be found usually playing Halo with her neighbors or out shopping. Kathryn has hopes to one day become a world famous model.



Kathryn gets along fairly well with her family. She enjoys their company, and while they are sometimes stressful, couldn't imagine life without them. Her mother likes to think that she is Britney Spears and is known to sometimes be a crazy driver when Kathryn's friends are present-which makes them laugh. Her father can't stand rap music and loves vintage bicycles and high-tech equipment. Her sister is an animal lover that can brink on hyper-active at times.


Kathryn has a close-knit group of friends that she enjoys greatly. Her best friend lives across the street and is named Leah. While they attend separate schools, Kathryn and Leah find time to bond over Halo and 4 am sleepovers. Kathryn also enjoys spending time with her friends at school, and is known to do many crazy things with them.

Name Etymology

Kathryn is a Greek name that means pure.

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