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Peeves, balcony scene, what Dumbledore sees in the mirror, 150 point from Gryffindor hourglasses, the whole Squib plot, madam Pince, two hospital wing scenes with Hermione, Ginny looking at Harry with dairy, The Grey Lady, meeting Neville on train, Dracula/bikini Boggart, Trelawney gets a nervous breakdown, Hagrid make Harry and Ron shake hands and Hermione and Ron hug, Lupin talk about Harry's patronus, Flitwick air guitaring, Priori Incantatem explanation, Harry at a waterfall near Hogwarts, Ministry attack on McGonagall, Snape's worst memory, the brain room, Trelawney seen when the prophecy smash, original Sirius and Bellatrix battle, Lucius in Azkaban, HBP scene with Cho and much, much, much more! Come on now, WE KNOW YOU SHOT IT!!! Please give it to us :D

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