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File:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (2010) - I Must Be the One to Kill Harry Potter
Potter 2
I absolutely love Harry Potter.I have a large obssesion with it! I have red the books and watched the movies multiple times each.I have favorites through,Spape is awesome! It killed me in the end watching his memories.He had a horrible life and all that got him through it was Lilly's eyes.Thats is just too sad.I love Molly Weasly she is the bomb! I love how she is so motherlyand loving.She is the type of charecter you just want to hug,in my opinion.I love it when she defeats Bellatrix and she is all "Not my Daughter" that is awesome.I love Bellatrix as a bad guy.She is so cool! I love how she always thirst for blood and wants to kill.I love the way she loves being evil.Lestrange is the best bad guy in the whole movie! She is tops! Mcgonagall,I can't even describe her! She is a can of whoop butt! It is so cool when her and Snape duel.I like that she loves Harry and you can tell that she does.She is one of a kind and she is by far my favorite of all the professors! Harry Potter is my life! I live and breathit every day and can't go more than five minutes without talking about,watching it,reading it,learing about it! Harry Potter Always!!!!

My Favorite Parts of the movies

My favorite part of all the movies is when Neville ask if he really has permission to blow it up and Minevra goes BOOM! That is so funny! I also like when Fred and George and Ron take the flying car to get Harry and they get home and Molly is like'Beds empty,car gone,note note,you could have died,you could have been seen' Then later on we they take it again and ron gets the talking note at Howarts and she is yelling through it! Cracks me up every time!!!! (: I also like the part when Granger is upset that Ron is gone and Harry cheers her up by dancing with her,That is so sweet and shows you how a real friendship should be! Last but not least,I love in the order of Pheonix when the Death Eaters are trying to take the profecy away from Harry and Harry speaks his name and Bellatrix yells YOU FILTHY HALF-BLOOD! That is so awesome! There are so many more but it would take me forever to right them all down so for now here is a few.

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