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Ladyhomcide (also known as Kelsi) was born in early 1993. She has been a fan since picking up Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone as an in-class novel in third grade in 2000 and had completed the first 4 by March 2001 . Every book that has come out since she had bought on the first day and every movie with the exception of Order of Phoniex she has seen on the first day , while Order of Phoniex was seen on the day of the english release.

Examining the ruins of Hogwarts

Her favorite character was declared as Hermoine prior to 2003 but upon the release of the Order of the Phoneix it switched to Nymphadora Tonks and has remained this way for the past 4 years . She shows her undying devosion by dying her hair frequently to copy the color of Tonks herself , it is now O of P purple but has been pink , green , orange , and red
Th ico-tonks02

All colors displayed here

Finshing Times : Philosphers Stone - 13 days Chamber of Secrets - 15 days Prisoner of Azkaban - 11 days Goblet of Fire 36 days Order of the Phoniex 42 hours Half Blood Prince 17 hours Deathly Hallows 9 hours

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