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Vincent Brooks
Biographical information

June 6, 1981



Blood status


Marital status


Also known as
  • Lord Heylel (chosen demonic, royal name)
  • Great King of Evil (used by supporters)
  • Satan (used by American Christians mistaking him for the Biblical Devil)
  • The Devil (used along same lines as "Satan")
Physical information

Demon (formerly Human)





Hair colour

Able to be changed at will (prefers blond or black)

Eye colour

Able to be changed at will (prefers red or black)

Skin colour

Able to be changed at will (prefers white)

Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics



His wife Catherine's corpse





"There's no such thing as good and evil. There's only freedom, and the cowards who'll never grasp it! If you call that chaos, then I'm with chaos a hundred percent."
—Lord Heylel explains his philosophy. [src]

Vincent Brooks, later known as Lord Heylel, was a Muggle regarded as the most powerful demon of all time. Originally a human, he grew up in Portland and worked as a systems engineer. His colleagues described him as unambitious and plain. In mid-2013, he met the succubus Catherine, sent after him by Dumuzid as part of the god's plan to weed out men in non-child-producing relationships, the purpose of which was to perpetuate the human race. However, the plan backfired when Catherine genuinely fell in love with Vincent. The two eloped before disappearing from public view completely.

In reality, however, Brooks had entered the Netherworld with Catherine. The two married, over the objections of Catherine's father, the plenipotentiary of the Netherworld, Nergal. Having embraced hedonism and absolute freedom completely, Brooks then rallied an army to oust Nergal as lord of the Underworld known as the Dark Legions. He was successful in his campaign, and crowned himself Lord Heylel. He used Nergal as a throne to warn others the consequences of defying him.

Heylel, however, soon became unsatisfied with merely ruling over the Netherworld. The Dark Legions, demobilized after Nergal's overthrow, were rallied together again and expanded to even greater size. On June 6, 2066, Heylel led them in a blitzkrieg against Earth. The campaign was wildly successful; in just six months, the demonic forces controlled the entire Southern Hemisphere, as well as parts of the North. Aiming to "cut off the head of the beast" and score a total propagada victory, Heylel ordered the Dark Legions to attack New York. The ensuing battle was regarded as one of the greatest of all time. Having suffered a decisive defeat, Heyel and the Dark Legions retreated back to the Netherworld.

Heylel decided to refocus his efforts. He turned to sabotage and espionage, hoping to ensue discord and chaos amongst the humans so they could not present a united front as they did in the first war. To this end, he sent succubi and other demons disguised as humans into various world governments, intending for them to spy on and/or sabotage defense efforts by the humans. The plan worked; when Heylel led the second invasion on November 2, 2079, the disunited humans found themselves facing agaist a far stabler, united and prepared enemy. New York, once the site of Heylel's greatest defeat, fell on February 10, 2080, becoming the crown jewel of his empire.

From here, Heylel ruled relatively unopposed over the two worlds, save for a few pockets of resistance on Earth. Even so, he became troubled when he learned of a prophecy foretelling that a child would eventually bring about his downfall. He went with his wife and a brigade of his best troops to kill the child in Sacramento. When they arrived, they were captured by the humans; the prophecy had been but a falsehood. The humans then performed a complicated ritual to send them and all other demons back to the Netherworld, which itself had an unbreakable seal placed upon it, so the demons could never invade again.

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