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(Third Floor)
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***[[Trophy Room]]
***[[Trophy Room]]
**[[Fifth-floor hall|Third-floor hall]] (follows Book 1 canon)
**[[Fifth-floor hall|Third-floor hall]] (follows Book 1 canon){{done}} (located in a new Tower called "Hall Tower")
***[[Classroom 2E|Charms Classroom]] (located in Training Grounds Tower)
***[[Classroom 2E|Charms Classroom]] (located in Training Grounds Tower){{done}}
***[[Hogwarts Library|Library]] (located in Training Grounds Tower; not known to have entrance in the hall){{done}}
**[[Clock Tower Entrance]]{{done}}
**[[Clock Tower Entrance]]{{done}}
**[[Hogwarts Library|Library]] (located in Training Grounds Tower)
**[[Jinx Rooms]]{{done}} (for now two rooms; may add more)
**[[Jinx Rooms]]
*[[Third Floor Corridor]]{{done}}
*[[Third Floor Corridor]]
**[[Classroom 3C|Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom]]{{done}}
**[[Classroom 3C|Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom]]
**[[Storeroom (third floor)|Third Floor Storeroom]]{{done}}
**[[Storeroom (third floor)|Third Floor Storeroom]]
***Fluffy's Chamber {{done}}
*[[Headmaster's office]] (entrance only; going by HP2/SP2 game)
*[[Headmaster's office]] (entrance only; going by HP2/SP2 game){{done}}
==Forth Floor==
==Forth Floor==

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Books, video games, and films are all considered on this list.

I'm trying to recreate Hogwarts in Google SketchUp 8, with a twist, so this list was born. I'm open to suggestions.

"Yes check Done" - the room or locale have been implemanted only as an empty room without any details.
To see progress of "Hogwarts Remaster," also known as "Restructured Hogwarts," please see here.

Beneath Dungeons


Ground Floor

First FloorYes check Done

Second FloorYes check Done

Third Floor

Forth Floor

Fifth Floor

Sixth Floor

Seventh Floor

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