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About me

Hello,I'm Elizabathena Tonks.My sisters are Andromeda Tonks Jr and Nymphadora Tonks.I am also a Metamorphmagus.That is rare, as just being a Metamorphmagus is rare,let alone having 4 (including Teddy) in one family.

My wand, Oak and unicorn hair

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Name: Elizabathena Tedda Tonks
Age: 14

Blood status:


Date of Birth:

16 September
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Change at will
Eye Colour: Change at will
Family Members:

Nymphadora Tonks sister

Ted Tonks father

Andromeda Tonks mother

Andromeda Tonks Jr sister

Patronus: Pheonix
Boggart: Hogwarts being demolished
Occupation: Schoolgirl
House: Ravenclaw

Dumbledore's Army


Tonks family

Wand: Oak and unicorn hair,12 inches

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